Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When the foggy veil is parted

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

The Beloved Project
John 14:27
I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart! 
And the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives. 
So don't be troubled or afraid.

Today I have been praying about what God would have me do next. My job that I've had for 7 years ends tomorrow. I have to say I have a real peace about it ending. I just don't know yet what's next. As I was praying and reading this morning I came across a dangerous prayer.

"It is one thing to ask God for what you want. 
Real change happens when you ask what God 
wants for you." ~Laurie Beth Jones  

I was asked yesterday what I want to do - I'd like to do my art, writing, music and ministry things and get paid for doing them. I do get paid for some of it. I teach guitar lessons, and I always have art projects that are for sale and I do some commission work for people. I'd like for God to take all this creative stuff that I do and meld it together into something that would encourage and help people in their walk with Him and I'd like Him to see to my financial concerns and needs.
Prayer Rocks and Promise Jewels
The River
                 This morning I prayed that dangerous prayer and immediately following I began to have a big idea fill my thoughts. To begin to develop devotional prayer concerts that could be shared in peoples homes. The idea is almost funny to me because for years I did in home parties selling various companies products. This would be taking the Lord into homes and transporting people from that place to his throne room using my art, my writing, my music and my ministry giftings. I had talked earlier this year with a friend about when I would do a new album of my songs. I said I would love to but just did not feel the time was right. Even that desire fits into this vision. My favorite time in ministry was when we were on the road doing concerts. I have been feeling for a while that God was getting ready to send me out. I've been wanting to travel. I have people in other parts of the country that I'd love to be able to go and see again. Perhaps this will somehow take me to those places and to others as well. It amazing how in an instant a light bulb can turn on in your head and you can see how everything comes together. 

So I have been crying out to God for His direction and I've been telling Him what I want to do. Today I turned it around and asked Him what he wanted to do with me. Suddenly he has released a flood gates worth of inspiration and direction. Suddenly I can see this thing he wants me to create in my head. Now I just need to make it so you and others can see and experience it too.  Just like the Beloved Mosaic Project and The River Project that are pictured in this post. Each started with a vision, a big idea that step by step became something beautiful from a moment when God parted the foggy veil and let me see some little part of His plan.  I would so appreciate your prayer as I daily take new steps of faith into a wild and unknown future.  I'm thankful today for His inspiration and direction. I don't know all the little details those things will come as I go along. I am excited that I have a direction. God has shown me a new, wonderful big project that seems to use all the stuff that he has been developing in me all these many years. 

Lord, Thank you for those moments when you part the fog and make clear the path before us. Thank you for courage and faith to begin traveling with you into a future that is un known to us but one that you know every step of the way from here to there. Thank you Lord, for faith to pray and ask you what you want for each of us.

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