Margot Cioccio
I have been working on writing a daily devotional for quite
a while. My goal is to add posts Monday through Friday. I have some already written to use on days
when I don't get something new written. This is a huge challenge and I would really appreciate your prayers.
When we get to 365 posts, hope make it available in book form.

You will notice my greeting cards are often featured in the posts. I have made them from photos of my mosaic work.
I don't make a lot of money selling cards but every bit helps plus it lets more people enjoy my mosaics.

 Oh and please tell your friends to visit.
Speaking of friends - I've asked some of mine to write some of these posts as guest writers. I know you will be blessed.

There is a donate button if you would like to help support me financially in this effort.
Blessings, Margot

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