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My Book Report on The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

My Book Report on 
The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind 
Access to a Life of Miracles - by Bill Johnson 

  1. Briefly write what the whole book is about and why the author has written it. (Imagine the author will read this and would say, “Yes, this is the main point(s) of my book.)  The overarching message of this book is that the impossible and the miraculous is, or should be normal in the life of Christians. If we are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom one should expect signs, wonders and miracles to confirm the message with power. “I have come to see that the normal Christian life means miracles, spiritual intervention, and revelation. It means peace, joy love, a sense of wellbeing and purpose - all these traits that elude so many Christians. Written into the spiritual DNA of every believer is an appetite for the impossible that cannot be ignored or wished Away. The Holy Spirit, the very Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in us, making it impossible for us to be content with what we can only see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.Our hearts know there is much more to life than we perceive with our senses; we are spiritually agitated by the lack of connection with the realm of the supernatural. In the end, nothing satisfies the heart of a Christian like seeing so-called impossibilities bow their knees to the name of Jesus. Anything less is abnormal and unfulfilling.” pg 31         We have sadly become a body that is disappointed and tired of waiting for God to do something. We have lost sight of God being good and have come to see him like the 3rd servant in the story of the talents. We have such a orphan mindset that we don’t feel we deserve God to move and often people feel they don’t want to bother God with daily problems just the really big stuff when they have exhausted ever other option. “Large numbers of christians are practical atheists who disbelieve in an active God. “ Jack R. Taylor pg 24  Yet God’s heart is that we walk in intimate relationship with Him. Bill Johnson does a wonderful job combating much of the prevalent unbelief, doubt and the trappings of religion that hold us to form and tradition and have forgotten how to move powerfully as a co-creator with the Almighty God. 

  1. Briefly outline 4 major points of the book as the author presents them including page numbers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A.•God is changing the way Christians think about the so-called impossible. He is teaching us to work hand in hand with the Kingdom so the reality of heaven comes crashing into earthly problems and overwhelms them.” pg 30  All to often God is the last resort rather than our first resort. I am sure this grieves the heart of God. I’m not saying one should not go to doctors if they are sick or to a financial planner if your are broke. I am simply say that should not be your first stop. Our first stop when encountering a problem should be to seek God for His plan for how to handle it. Seek him for a creative solution if it involves seeking worldly council and expertise then move forward in faith knowing that God is directing you and that what ever you are facing is not too big for him to handle. There sometimes is a very fine line between faith in God and irresponsible foolishness. Sometimes they may look to be one and the same to on lookers. With faith in God one believes God is good and has a good plan for their life. Even hardship and difficulties become an opportunity for knowing God in a deeper way.  If God is our first resort than we will see those Kingdom realities crash into our earthly problems to overwhelm them for His glory. 

B• Our assignment has never been about what we can do for God, but what can God do through us. That is the essence of the gospel: to do exactly what Jesus did and destroy the works of the devil. That is normal Christianity, Miracles are normal. Salvation and deliverance are normal. Revelation, prophetic insight, and word of knowledge are normal. But to return to that original mission, we must radically change the way we think we must repent and renew our minds. pg 41-42  Too many of us spend way too much time trying to figure out what we are here for. We don’t understand the idea that we can dream with God. I am always reminded of the verse that says The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is wisdom to know His great love for us and that we don’t have to be terrified that he is going to squash us like a bug for some misstep. I am finding that changing the way people think takes time and constant effort to present the reality instead of the lies that we have ascribed to be true. We have settled for a powerless form of Christian life in our day and I am willing to be a change agent and to proclaim that our God is amazing and powerful and wants to be part of our experience if only we would invite him to be part of it.
C• The plug gets pulled on God’s power whenever we resort to tradition rather than the continual, fresh hearing of the Word of God. Tradition isn’t necessarily an evil thing; it’s just usually yesterday’s word. The Bible says faith comes from hearing  - not from having heard. pg 98 Tradition is a funny thing. Sometimes we are carrying on a way of doing things because it really is a way that works well. Too often we don’t know why we just do it because that is the way it has always been done and we are not going to be the person who rocks the boat. I love how this quote says that tradition is yesterday’s word. It is the manna from years ago and while it may have once been alive and exactly what was needed it has become dry and moldy. We need constantly to be hearing the fresh message filled with a NOW message. Its funny in the church, the tendency is to get something that works or brings the anointing and we get stuck in a rut believing that IS the way to do it from now on. We have to continually be seeking God to hear and dream with him things that are meant for this time in history. 
D • The Church won’t transform cities though continuous revival meetings but by allowing Kingdom creativity and power to flow into communities. pg 150 The whole message of creativity in this book has been a confirmation of so much that I have long believed and practiced. I generally feel a bit  out of place around most people because the see me as somehow special in that they could never do such creative things. I am special only in that I have identified with the creativity of God. He said he made us in His likeness. I look around and see His creativity and I want to create something as cool as a giraffe or paint with flowers. Granted my pallet is a bit smaller yet I have dared to believe that what I create makes God happy.  I love this verse from Zephaniah 3:17 “ The Lord your God has arrived. What wealth and mighty power he brings you - saving you and giving you victory. He will take such delight in your that it will make him leap for joy, twirl and spin, even shout with gladness! You will be his feast of Joyful pleasure! YES he will renew you with his love. I have spent too much of my life trying to fit in. I never really fit in the boxes of others expectations and all to soon feel cramped and frustrated. I have been realizing more and more that its ok to be me, its ok if others don’t understand how I think, or what motivates me to create things. My Pappa is twirling and spinning. I remember one night when I was worshiping and the songs all felt very tired to me. There was a point where I just let go and flowed in the Spirit. In that moment it was like I was swept into the great dance of Heaven and I felt like I heard God say “now that was worship.” We transform cities by being who God uniquely created us to be, not by trying to be like someone else. 
Why do you think there has been such an assault on artists in the Church? Because the enemy wants to separate us from the creative force that thinks outside the box. Those ideas can change the world.” pg 151

  1. Thoughtfully explain one main strength (or point of agreement) with the author. 
“What is free to operate in heaven - joy, peace, wisdom, health, wholeness and all the other good promises we read about in the Bible - should be free to operate here on this plant, in your home, your church, your business, and your school. What is not free to operate there  - sickness, disease, spiritual bondage, and sin, - should not be free to operate here, period. That in a nutshell is our assignment as believers on earth, and that is what my church and certainly many others in the Body of Christ are working toward with more focus and energy than ever before. We are out to destroy the works of the devil. It’s an awesome way to live.!” pg 33   As a whole, we the church have settled for tradition and being comfortable over moving in step with a creative God. We have been like the people who saw Moses’ glowing from being in God’s presence and are to quick to say put a sack over that - it makes us feel uncomfortable. We all to often want a God we can control our own genie in a bottle rather than the God of the Universe who is resplendent and astounding in His creativity. The coolest thing is when we realize, that in his great creative plan he made each of us in His image. Then He blesses us by teaching us to get with his plan and purpose and says “Yea!!!! I am with you always even unto the end of the age.” ( my paraphrase of Matthew 28:20) We are not hopeless orphans we are his adopted sons and daughters. We are part of his family.  Kingdom thinking knows that anything is possible at any time. It’s activated when you and I with tender hearts surrender to the thought patterns of God, when we receive His imaginations and say “yes”. We want our minds to be full of Kingdom leaven, Kingdom influence. We want miracles, and we want those miracles to have their full effect on us, changing the way we see and behave”. pg 100  We are to be a gateway people for the free flow of heavenly realities into this planet” pg 62  Large numbers of Christians are practical atheists who disbelieve in an active God. They wouldn't say it that way; no church’s written doctrine would declare there is no God. But believers face situations daily without bringing God into the picture. Like Herod, they say there is no divine intervention in practical living. The are professing Christians but live exactly like their atheist neighbors whenever they face a problem. They don’t think to get God’s counsel through His Word, or invite God to intervene.  pg. 96

4. Write down some of your favorite sentences in the book. 
Honestly it would have been easy to underline the whole book. Perhaps my giant list of quotes may seem excessive, but this book was rich with treasure to be scooped up from almost every page.  I have italicized the quotes and put my comments about why I underlined them in regular type.  

When we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” we’re praying for the King’s dominion and will to be realized right here, right now. pg 32 I don’t want to pray empty in effective prayers. I want to gain a better understanding of the standards of heaven and to believe and see results as I pray for individuals and and places in our world to be transformed for God’s glory. 

We are not just to be people who believe the right things about God, but people who put the will of God on display, expressing it and causing others to realize”Oh, so that’s what God is like.” Healing and deliverance and restoration do much more than solve the immediate problem; they give people a concrete demonstration of who God is. “ pg 35  To model the Kingdom in all I do and say. I create beautiful hands on prayer lofts about every quarter for my church. They are displays of things I see in the word about God and his love for his people. I am realizing that not just the things I create by my own life is a display of His glory and goodness each and every day. 

“ Go heal the sick, preach the good news, demonstrate who I am and what I am like. Extend My Kingdom!”pg 38

God has made it (the mind) to be the gatekeeper of the supernatural.” pg 42 

Hear, O earth! Behold, I will certainly bring calamity on this people  - the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not headed My words nor My law, but rejected it Jeremiah 6:19 pg 42

When we come into agreement with the primary mission, our minds become powerful tools in God’s hands. This explains why there is such an intense war being waged for your mind and your mental agreement. Every thought and action in your life speaks of allegiance to God or satan. Both are empowered by your agreement. Renewing your mind means learning to recognize what comes from hell, and what comes form heaven, and agreeing with heaven.” pg 44  This seems to be the Loud message of God to me this year. What and where am I going to put my agreement. Even in my opinions about others - will I agree with their failings or will I see beyond that and see the destiny of God and believe for it to come to pass. 

“Re” means to go back. “Pent” is like the penthouse, the top floor of the building. Repent, then, means to go back to God’s perspective on reality. “ pg 44  I love little things like this that are so child like and simple that this illustration make it make sense and easy to be remembered. 

I am convinced that many angels have been waiting around for decades for Christians to live the risk filled lifestyle God expects of us. Their job is to bring the reality of God’s rule into situations that affect and torment humans. Hebrews 1:14 tells us” Are they not all ministering spirits set forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation? Angels are necessary to complete the assignment of the Lord. Psalm 104:3 says that God walks on the wings of the wind. The wind is described as an angelic presence. God is actually ushered into a situation by riding on angelic presence. I would dare to say that you have never been involved in any supernatural activity except when the angels of the Lord were there tho enforce and to help you carry out that assignment. A lifestyle with out risks has little need for angelic assistance. pg 56 This is the next frontier for me. It’s not that I haven’t believed in angels and the work that they do. I just haven't had much teaching or even known what questions to ask. I need the Spirit of Council and the Spirit of Wisdom and the Angels themselves to teach me and the Holy Spirit to lead me into Truth concerning Angels and how we are to interact with them. 

Your conversion was not God’s ultimate intent for you. It was His initial intent that set you up for the ultimate fulfillment, which is that you be filled with His fullness, living the normal Christian lifestyle as defined by what takes place in heaven. pg 57 

We, the Church, the redeemed, are the tabernacle of the Holy Sprit , the eternal dwelling place of God! We are living stones, according to First Peter 2:4-5 fitly framed together , building the eternal dwelling place of God. The House of God is us! pg 58

God wants so much to invade this world with the reality of what was purchased on Calvary. But He waits for a people who will live the normal Christian life, putting themselves at risk, constantly tapping into the invisible resource of heaven that have been standing idle. That is how we function as the House of God. If we understand and are confident in our identity as the House of God, we can do great exploits. pg 59

A most important thing to remember is that the devil is empowered by human agreement! pg 61

Our goal, then, is to agree with heaven all the time, to let our minds be the gate of heaven where angels ascend and descend freely on assignment from God. pg 62 

Without a prophetic revelation, the people go unrestrained, walking in circles, having no certain destiny. pg 66 I am tired of walking in circles - I need to be more open to prophetic revelation. I have to move beyond the excesses and miss use of the gift that I have experienced and begin to see this in the light of God’s council and wisdom. 

Revelation enlarges the arena that our faith can function in. Deception shrinks our area of faith. pg 70 

God has hidden mighty and mysterious things for us, not from us. He has already allotted to us this mysterious realm of the Kingdom, bout it doesn’t come to just anyone. It comes to those who are open and hungry for it. pg 72  I am excited to do more treasure hunting for the things God has hidden for me to discover. 

We cannot afford to live only in what we understand because then we don’t grow or progress anymore; we just travel the same familiar roads we have traveled all our Christian life. It is important that we expose ourselves to impossibilities that force us to have questions that we cannot answer. It is a part of the Christian life, which is why the christian life is called “the faith.” the normal Christian life is perfectly poised between what we presently understand and the unfolding revelation that come to us from the realm of mystery. pg 75 

Our job is to tap the revelation of the Lord in our area of talent or gifting so that we can accurately and powerfully reflect the King and His Kingdom. pg 75 

Renewal comes as revelation leads you into a new experience with God pg 80

To renew the mind we must not just think differently but live differently, in a new experience of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. pg 81

The revelation of the Kingdom is often spoken of as a living seed of another world that carries with it new possibilities. pg 82

A normal Christian is one who obeys the revelations and promptings of Holy Spirit without understanding. Understanding usually unfolds in the experience. pg 83

Like Jesus, we should live in a posture of dwelling in heavenly realms and living toward the afflictions, infirmities, and difficulties of the world around us. Shouldn’t we function as ambassadors of another world, living in the realm of faith, which is the realm of the Spirit, which is called “the kingdom”? But most of us have not realized that we can demand that the truth become an experience. Revelation should change our hearts before we could ever explain what we learned.” pg 84

God gives us miracles to train us how to see differently. A miracle is a school. Or think of it this way: Just as there are nutrients in food, so in every situation and encounter with God comes filled with the “nutrients” necessary to make us strong as representatives of God on this planet. “ pg 92

Pharisees provide explanations, not solutions. pg 96  Ouch Lord forgive me for anytime I have explained why why we can’t do something rather than going to you for a solution. 

When Jesus is at hand, a problem takes on a purpose. Without His redemptive touch, the problem is just another work of the devil. Jesus was so focused on solutions that He didn’t even entertain the Pharisaical debate. pg 97  I need more walls to post these kinds of quotes from the books we read. Engrave them in my heart and mind on some of those walls I have erected allow them to be places to display your truth not places that I hide behind in fear of being seen for who I truly am. 
When God does a miracle for you, and you get to see it and be a part of it, He is teaching you how to see into the invisible realm. A miracle is a tutor, a gift from God to show us what exists on the other side. When I experience a miracle, and later revert back to the same doubts, complaining, moaning and groaning, it’s because I have not allowed the testimony of the Lord to have its full effect on the way I think. pg 99  I am bothered that my church is yet again singing the same old tune about only having about 4 months till we run out of money and close the doors. Its time to sing a new song of praise to our God. Help me Lord to lead that singing of your truth, your power, your goodness, and your glory. 

Most people’s ministry involves trying to get God to fix problems on earth when we should be commanding storms to be calm. We should see situations from heaven’s perspective and declare the word of the Lord and watch heaven invade. pg 102

The tragedy is that many believers can’t yet distinguish the difference between the burden of the Lord and the weight of their own unbelief.  pg 103  Ouch, really was that necessary? This is an uncomfortable quote and sadly the reality in far to many believers lives. Well and before I go trying to remove that splinter from my brothers eyes I better remove the dang plank from my own. To often the weight of responsibility that I have felt has probably been more the result of my own doubts in myself and fear that God might leave me hanging. I struggled for years with feelings of I’m not enough. Not so much any more but enough that this quote burns like alcohol  or salt on a cut. 

The time to pray is beforehand, like Jesus did, crying out to God in private times when nothing was going wrong. That’s how to store up power and create an inner atmosphere of peace and faith that you take with you into the troubling situation. pg 104 As we develop that daily relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we are in a sense adding to the bank account that can be drawn upon in times of trouble. 

Let’s recognize that we are equipped for each storm We have been trained by past miracles to see present solutions. pg 104

When we succumb to guilt and shame, we give in to the single older temptation in the Bible: the temptation to question our identity and God’s identity. pg 107

Why does worry shout so loudly for our attention? Because if we look at it long enough, it will gain our trust. Pretty soon we begin praying out of fear, and eventually we quit praying and start looking for sympathy. We have trusted that other voice. and it won the affections of our heart. pg 115
I pray for so many people and they ask for prayer for my cancer, my pain, my cold, my depression. They have owned it as their own and it has become part of the lie that has formed their warped identity. Worry is a waste of time. I have more energy to do the things I desire when I haven't wasted it on worrying. 

Every testimony of His work in someone’s life is a prophecy for those with ears to hear. It is a promise that He’ll do the same for us because God is no respecter of persons. (see Acts 10:34) and He is he same yesterday, today and forever (see Heb 13:8) But the testimony must be heard, spoken, written down, and reviewed. pg 117 I have written lots of things down - the problem is in locating them.

We must declare the goodness and faithfulness of God even in the midst of our trial, before we have an answer.  pg 122 I am always reminded of 2 Chronicles 20. Praise is a mighty weapon. 

In Revelation we see this gate called praise again and discover that it is made out of one solid pearl (see Rev. 21:21) Think for a moment. How is a pearl formed? Thought irritation and conflict. A granule of sand gets inside of an oyster shell, and a pearl forms around the granule to keep it form doing hair. The Bible’s paring of praise with irritation is not coincidental. When we are stuck in conflict and uncertainty, and yet we praise Him without manipulation, it is a sacrifice. It means we are reacting in a way that produces something beautiful. In that moment a gate is formed. a place of entrance where the King of glory can invade our situation. pg 123 

God’s first language is not English. He communicates with us in various way, through impressions of the heart, mental pictures, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. When we ignore our bodies, we are at least sometimes ignoring the voice of God. pg 134

“The Bible teaches that the power of God is concealed and hidden in the hands  (see Hab 3:4) “ NIV reads like this….His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power was hidden. pg 136 Well as a massage therapist this verse is exciting to me. I prayed that God would help me find a field to work in that would use my spiritual gifts, especially the laying on of hands. He is so good because I had never even had a massage when I went to massage school. 

The normal Christian life is a partnership between God and each one of us, played out in everyday living as we become the gate of heaven, releasing the manifestation of God’s reality for those around us. pf 139

With our an independent will, we become animated playthings, dolls, programmed toys. But with a free will, we become lovers of God and willing co-laborers with Him. And when we co-labor with Him, our ideas can literally change the course of history. pg 140

God wants to be impacted by what you think and dream. God is after your desires. He’s after intimacy with you. pg 144

The Kingdom is bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. There is room for our desires, our creativity, our ideas. pg 145  Having been a big Dr. Who fan I love this quote. The Tardis is pretty cool but the Kingdom is incredible. 

We ask God to do a new thing through us, but expect Him to do it in a familiar way. Many Christians pray, and when their mind wanders they think it is the devil distracting them. That may sometimes be the case, but maybe our “devil’ is too active our God too inactive. When your mind wanders, maybe God is leading you to creative solutions to problems. Yo may have been resisting ideas from heaven and keeping to rigid, religious practice of prayer. pg 147

Unfortunately, religion has programmed us to shut down anything that might be a personal desire, so we let the world around us do the dreaming, and we draft into their dream. Many Christians never feel the liberty to creatively express what God is saying and doing in them personally. pg 148 

I read once that every four year old is an artist. Then they go to school and are taught certain standards for art, so not every child remains an artist. I wouldn’t say that the system is always bad, but there is a drive to create in every person that is sometime squelched. pg 149 This just makes me sad, I kept my children out of public school and homeschooled them in their younger formative years. I wanted them to be able to think for themselves and to be able to be creative with out the judgement of peers and the boxes created by our school system. I’m happy to say my children have grown up to retain their creativity. 

God out of His ream of glory and dominion, will release to His people ideas, concepts, creative things, and witty inventions that will cause tremendous provision to come to them. pg 150 I can’t say that to this point any of my witty inventions have caused tremendous provision but they have blessed a lot of people and stirred them on to greater faith and trust in Jesus. I can say that God has always taken good care of me.  Always provided for my needs. Perhaps I have never to this point needed tremendous provision. I met a Pastor from Kenya, Africa last Sunday and He invited me to come and speak at his church. I believe I have a global ministry inside of me. It may not look like much yet but I will need tremendous provision for such a ministry and I can believe that God will give me some witty invention or idea that will provide what is needed, when the time comes. Who knows maybe someone out of the many people I have blessed with my creativity will be moved to support that global ministry. For today I do what the Lord shows me and I leave the future in His most capable hands and enjoy dreaming with him about those adventures. 

The tree of life is mentioned again in the Book of Revelation 22:2 with a great prophetic picture of believers partaking of its fruit. That moment lies in the future and so the tree of life in Revelation tells us what will be. But the tree of life in Proverbs tells us what can happen right now. We can partake of the fruit of this tree in our everyday lives at this present time. God has figuratively placed this tree within out reach, and every bite of its fruit releases in us strength and eternal courage, a sense of destiny and purpose. Where does that tree spring from? From the fulfillment of our individual, unique God-given desires. Desire is part of God’s system, His economy. pg 151, 152 I did a small tree of life project a few years ago. I wish I had had this insight at that time. Proverbs 13:12 says Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. My own God given desires cause that tree of life to spring up out of me. Amazing!

Do not be shaped by the opinions of man, but be shaped by your value for His presence. Any price you pay in claiming more territory for God is well worth the exchange. pg 167

5. In what way did this book impact your life as one who transforms cities? How will you be different?  The more you and I become empowered and directed by the Spirit of God, the more our lives should defy the natural principles that release spiritual realities. pg 164 I love this I am convinced that Bill Johnson is truly a leader in the church of our day, and it is because he is equipping people to launch out into the unknown with God. He is equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry. We have had too much of abnormal dead tradition filled religious life. It is not normal for a Christian to not have an appetite for the impossible. It’s completely abnormal; it’s a deformity that comes through disappointment and / or bad teaching. pg 165  I am reminded of Amos 5:21 that says “ I hate, I despise your religious festivals: your assemblies are a stench to me.” We need to stop serving up moldy bread and the crumbs from the tables of others who have been in the presence of God and truly fed at His table. We need to be bringing fresh revelation and insight to the places God has planted us. Beyond our churches into our homes, our jobs, our communities. We need to bring His light everywhere we go. “Until Christians decide to co-labor with God in unheard of creativity and off the map dreams, we won’t change the society and the world. We can’t rely on God to do everything. We can’t demand that He come up with all the solutions; we must co-labor with Him. In my personal experience, the more I come into an intimate place with the Lord, the more He blesses the labor of my hands with creativity and new ides. That is God’s desire for every person.” pg 150

6.  What challenges(s) have you been given by the Lord to implement some of the strategies in this book?  My favorite quote in this book was on page 143 speaking of a passage from 1 Kings 8:15-17. “God said ,” I didn’t choose a city, I chose a man, and the temple was in the heart of the man.” Its’s like He was saying, “The Temple wasn’t my idea. David was my idea.” Incredible! David’s creativity and desires wrote history because God embraced them.” I love this because if there is one word that describes me it is “Creative” In that I am very much like my heavenly Father and I am His idea. He loves my ideas and I often feel His presence and his delight when I am taking steps of faith to create something that I have seen in my imagination. When I get stuck or don’t have the resources or the skills or the time, I pray and God sends me what I need in a variety of ways. I just wait expecting that He will make a way. I love that David’s idea of the Temple it was truly grand and not fully realized until Solomon was able to create it because of the inheritance He received from David in the form of a desire, a dream and a kingdom at peace because of David’s sacrifices. 
Each of us has a right and a responsibility to express ourselves creatively in whatever area of life interests us. pg 147 

7. My Concluding Thoughts  My word this past year has been Legacy. I have found that legacies are left by leaders. The original word legacy in fact meant in the 14th century according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. “a body of persons sent on a mission, from Medieval Latin legit, from Latin legates ambassador, envoy, deputy.” It was not until the mid 15th century that it came to mean property left by will, or a gift by will. 
He wants generations to pass on their spiritual inheritance. You see with an inheritance, we get for free what someone else paid for. Sometimes we inherit graces from the Lord where we don’t have to go through some of the process a previous generation went through. pg 154

A spiritual inheritance is about making us more effective and efficient in our representation of the King and His Kingdom. It is not for our gratification. It’s delightful, it’s enjoyable, it’s pleasant, it’s encouraging, but it’s not simply for personal consumption. It is to open doors so that the King and His Kingdom have influence in more places that before. pg 154
When we do the will of God, we bring Kingdom reality crashing into the works of the devil. We initiate conflict between earthly reality and heavenly reality becoming the bridge and connection point that makes it possible through prayer and radical obedience to assert the rulership of God.” pg 39
Aren’t you tired of talking about a gospel of power, but never seeing it in action? Aren’t you tired of trying to carry o out the Great Commission without offering proof that the Kingdom works? pg 40

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Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship - book report

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship
Your Destiny Awaits You - by Jack Frost

A Book Report by Margot Cioccio - November 1, 2017 
International Healing Rooms School of Transformation - Year 2   

  1. Briefly write what the whole book is about and why the author has written it. (Imagine the author will read this and would say, “Yes, this is the main point(s) of my book.)  The main thrust of this book is to help people realize that they are responding like orphans rather than sons and daughters of the High King of Heaven. The author shares many poignant stories of his own journey from orphan to beloved son along with wonderful answers and steps how we can also make that transition in our own lives. I think the following passage is the biggest take home message of the entire book. “We don't become like Jesus by focusing our lives on Jesus; we become like Jesus by focusing our lives on what Jesus focused His life on. And Jesus focused His life on being a son and revealing the Father and His love so that a world of spiritual orphans could become sons and daughters. Jesus wasn’t sinless because He was God; it wasn’t his divinity that made Him the man He was. Jesus was the man He was because of the Father He had. The person each of us become will be determined by who we focus our life on.” pg 73                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Briefly outline 4 major points of the book as the author presents them including page numbers. 
  1. Understanding our place as Sons: “Our quest is not to regain our sonship with the Father: we cannot regain something we never had. Rather, our quest is to enter into the embrace of the unconditional love of Father God and receive a heart of sonship that will displace our orphan heart.” pg 37
  2. Fatherlessness is a curse on the land: “Until and unless Elijah comes, the land remains under a curse. And what is that curse? A feeling of fatherlessness. More than at any other time in human history, fatherlessness is the curse of our generation. Today more children than ever before are growing up in fatherless households, and many more are growing up without a father emotionally, even though their biological father is physically present in the home.” pg 45
  3. Only Sons and Daughters receive an inheritance: The Kingdom of Heaven is a kingdom of humility, innocence , and love; and only the child like - those who are willing to humble themselves to become sons and daughters - will enter it. The depth of humility we embrace determines the depth of Kingdom life we will experience.  pg 132
  4. The Importance of Honor: “Honor involves a decision that is made to put love into action, to give a person a position of high value and worth. Even when we have been disappointed, hurt, or wounded by a person, honor chooses to make a decision not to respond in kind. No matter what is felt coming from another person, honor choses to not expose but speak words that give grace to the hearer. Honor views each person as a precious gift of God’s creation and grants them a position that is worthy of great respect. Honor chooses not to respond with an unwholesome word or tone. pg 159
  1. Thoughtfully explain one main strength (or point of agreement) with the author.  It is easy to think that this orphan behavior in peoples is simply a spirit that needs to be cast out. I love how the author makes sure that the reader understands that the orphan heart must be displace by the love of Father. “When wanting to cast out an orphan heart, remember that you can displace it only by introducing it to a loving Father. Even then, an orphan heart must choose to embrace the spirit of sonship by willing becoming interdependent in relationships and embracing God’s community of love. This is not a once-and-for-all choice. You must choose sonship over and over because orphan thinking doesn’t surrender easily, and it often comes back and tries to assert its influence once again. The orphan spirit tries constantly to weaken our families, relationships, and the nations by deceiving us into becoming subject to our own mission rather than living life to experience God’s love and to give it away.” pg 70  I also thought it was very insightful on the authors part to distinguish the need to deal with our thought fortresses. On may cast out various spirits but as long as mental structures are still in place giving them legal right they are able to come and go in a persons life as they please. “Fortresses or strongholds in themselves are not demonic; this Script refers to a fortress of thought that includes lies against what God has revealed about Himself. It is a habit structure of thinking that exalts itself above the knowledge of God’s love. The fortress of thought gives the enemy ground to traffic in your life. If you cast out the demonic influence but let the fortress of thought remain, then the demonic influence has a legal right to return and reoccupy the fortress.” pg 189-90

4. Write down some of your favorite sentences in the book.

“Fear disables us. We can know all about the things of God and yet our fear of trusting and of intimacy can hold us back from receiving the benefits of what Jesus died for - to bring restoration and healing in our families and our relationships. So many of Christians do all the right Christian “stuff,” yet fear continues to hold us back from casting ourselves fully into our loving Father’s embrace.” pg 22-23

“Instead of drawing our energy and our source of life and peace from the love of God, we try to find them in these counterfeit affections of performance, the passions of the flesh, power and control issues, possessions, position, people, or places. Somehow we think that unless we have these sources of comfort in our lives, we simply cant’t go on.” pg 23

“ Living life as if we have a home means living to experience God’s love on a continuing and ongoing basis and making that love known to others. As Christians, we are sons and daughters of God, yet so many of us live as if we don’t have a home. We live, think and act like fatherless orphans because we have never truly embraced Gather God’s love on a personal level.” pg 24

“Home is where you constantly hear the voice of God speaking His affirmation over you, HIs love over you, and His forgiveness, compassion , and grace over you. “ pg. 25

“Being saved does not automatically mean feeling secure, loved, and accepted as a son or daughter of God; they are two different things.” pg 38

“We can give to others only what has been given to us.” pg 40

“I classify counterfeit affections under the “seven P’s passion, possession, position, performance, people, place and power.” pg 43

One study has revealed that, for most Christians, 80 percent of our thinking is negative and in agreement with the enemy, the accuser of the brethren, who tells us we have no value or are unloveable, and who feeds our orphan heart ungodly beliefs about God’s loving nature so that we live as if we don’t have a home even though we are children of the King. pg 46

Fathers’s mission is for you to experience His expressed love and to give it away to the next person you meet. pg. 57

Matthew 22:37-40 is Jesus way of saying, “When you seek to know God’s love and to make it known, you are released from every other obligation in the word of God.” pg 59

Those with orphan thinking are easily deceived, as I was for many years, into placing the Great Commission ahead of the Great Commandment. They become more committed to justice, dusty or ministry that to intimacy. Intimacy must precede fruitfulness. pg 60 

Any time you put the Great commission (your ministry) before the Great Commandment ( your relationship), you step outside being subject to Fathers’s mission, and death starts working its way into your relationships.  pg 61

The quickest way to shut down intimacy and trust is by sowing seeds of doubt into the relationship. pg 64

Orphan thinking begins - you start doubting Father’s love, kindness, and generosity towards you. From there, its is only a short step to doubting the love of others around you, including family. “ pg 65

I will not leave you as orphans: I will come to you” John 14:18 We have a home anytime we want it, whenever we are ready to give up the life of orphan thinking and return to the warm embrace of our Father’s love. pg 68

 Our tendency is to live by the love of law instead of by the law of love. pg 71

If satan cannot stop us from doing good things, he will keep us so busy doing good things for others that we neglect our own children who end up feeling like they don’t have a place in our heart, and they too become spiritual orphans. pg 71

Follow Jesus’ example and focus your life upon being a son finding life and peace. Be a gift of love to the next person you meet. pg 74

If we have not embraced healthy accountability relationships. the anointing can quickly empower us and take us places where our character may not be able to keep our boat afloat. pg 103

Jesus was in training for His Father’s mission - the mission of announcing and ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven and introducing people to the Father’s love. pg 109

Remember that an orphan heart cannot be cast out; it must be displace. It is a heart that does not feel like it has a home in a father or mother’s embrace. pg 131

First John 4:18-19 infers that you cannot cast out these fears but you displace them by introducing the orphan to Perfect Love. Then the orphan just make a choice; he either risks opening up his heart and submits to love, or he continues to put up walls of self-protection and rejects love once more. “ There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because He first loved us” 1 john 4:18-19 pg 131

James Jordan, addressed the subject of the spirit of sonship and asked us the question, When did you cease being your father and mother’s son. He went on to add, when your rejected your mother and father, you rejected the spirit of sonship and God will only deal with you only as a son.”pg 143

We don't want to become stalled by the three basic fears: the fear of trusting, the fear of rejection and abandonment, and he fear of opening our heart to love. pg 164

You do not  leave when the chips are down, or you will repeat the pattern in the next place you go. You leave only when you are sent out blessed. pg 177

No sonship, no inheritance! No sonship, no influence! pg 179

5. In what way did this book impact your life as one who transforms cities? How will you be different? It has encouraged to step into my true place as a daughter of the King from that place I may find that God will at some point use me to be a mother to others and help them to get free from the bondages of orphan thinking. “Malachi 4:5-6 prophesies that in the endtimes a fathering spirit will be released on earth; but before there can be fathers, there must be sons. and before there can be mothers, there must be daughters. pg 164

6.  What challenges(s) have you been given by the Lord to implement some of the strategies in this book?  I think that walking in biblical rest is something that I can model for others and especially encourage the many people who come to my massage practice with pain from the effects of stress  and unrest in their lives.  “Biblical rest found in sonship is not a place without activity or fruitfulness. Rest is a posture of the heart of sonship that feels so sheltered in Father’s love that it does not allow itself to be pulled into a place where we strive to feel valued, affirmed, or secure. Abiding in rest is the place where all people will be drawn to us because everyone is searching for rest. pg 199

7. My Concluding Thoughts
I found the difference in focus between the Great Commission and the Great Commandment eye opening. I can say from 30 some years of ministry that too often it is the Great Commission that is the big focus. It is no wonder it is so hard to get people to be involved in evangelism. We as church leaders have too often put the cart before the horse. We expect people to evangelize the lost before they have encountered the great love of God for them self. “The Great Commandment to love God and love others is a call to intimacy; the Great Commission to go and make disciples is a call to fruitfulness. Intimacy must precede fruitfulness. The Great Commandment must precede the Great Commission and is an inseparable part of it. When intimacy does not preceded fruitfulness, we easily become subject to our own mission and become focused upon religious duty, hyper-religious activity, and aggressive striving that leaves and angry edge in our life and relationships.” pg 60

My Bonus Thought : 
I really like these statements about immaturity on page 104  so I put together a sheet that can be printed and posted.  I read these and can easily think of times when I have behaved in these ways.  “How do you begin movement toward a homecoming in Father’s embrace? by focusing your life on being a son or daughter.” pg 81
The information in chapter 6 about Orphan or Son that is found also in the appendix in a more concise version was also very powerful. What I liked about this book is that it was so practical. It did not present a problem without a clear path to solve it. This is a book that had many take homes for me personally and one that I will recommend to people that need to come out of the slavery of having orphan spirit. 

Immaturity is…..
…a slave to circumstances and emotions. Our circumstances determine whether we have a “good hair day” or a “bad hair day. “

a slave to self. seeking to meet personal needs at others’ expense.

seeks the place of comfort, ease, least resistance, and whatever makes us feel valued and affirmed. 

obeys out of a fear of loss or punishment, not because we do not want to grieve the one we love. 

values people for what they can do for us, not for relationship. Thus, we unconsciously use and manipulate people to meet our needs. 

…demands its own way or nothing.  “If you do not play my way, I am going to take my ball and go home.” 

subject to its own mission. Our thoughts continually gravitate towards me, myself and I. 

“obtain-oriented”: How does this benefit me.  Our choices are influenced by what we can gain. 

self-centered, self-consuming and self-referential. “Let’s talk about your for a while…have you read my book yet?”

Friday, February 24, 2017

Healing in the Kingdom Book Report

These are book reports I have written as a first year student at the International Healing Rooms School of Transformation
Healing in the Kingdom Summary 
Briefly write what the whole book is about and why the author has written it.
This book is more about changing the mindset of the body of Christ at large than it is a treatise on how to get healed or even how to heal others. Its more about how we change the ideas that are rooted in religion rather than revelation. How do we move forward not just to heal the sick but to transform cities. We have to move from a Rapture mentality to a Harvest mentality. We have to move from a three fold ministry structure to a five fold ministry structure and return to the foundations set in place by Jesus for the early Church. 

(Imagine the author will read this and would say, “Yes, this is the main point(s) of my book.)  
Apostolic and Prophetic folks are generally seeing and learning to walk in things long before the body of Christ catches up to those revelations.  In this book written 10 years ago, Cal explores larger issues than simply healing for the individual but the healing and renewing of our minds, that is so needed in the Church at large. Little by little folks are laying down the trappings of dead powerless religion and embracing not just healing but the Healer. At the time this book was printed  there were 700 healing rooms in 40 nations. Presently there are over 3000 Healing Rooms world wide. Cal has focused on creating a net work through which this message can be spread to the whole world. Where change regarding health and healing to this point has been like pushing a snow ball up a hill with a lot of patience and effort. I believe  we are now seeing that snow ball crest the hill and begin its downward decent becoming bigger and bigger with amazing speed. In actuality it is not one snow ball now 3000 snowballs. 

Briefly outline 4 major points of the book as the author presents them including page numbers.  

“It is our mindset that determines how we filter the God’s word. “ pg 21
Cal talks about the difference between a Greek and a Hebrew mind set. The Greek mindset causes us to filter things through  our natural senses and react to what we experience. The Hebrew mindset looks to the unseen realm and bases ones decision not on circumstance but on a Heavenly prospective. I had a dream a number of years ago now during a time that church I was attending was moving through a church split. In the dream the congregation had gathered and was having Greek food and talking about taking trips to Greece. In the dream I believed this to be moving the church in the wrong direction. As I was not able to truly embrace the direction that either side of the split was heading we asked for God to re-assign us and he did it is where we still serving. At the time I had to really search out what God was trying to tell me through that dream. My pastor there says no one comes to the Bible from a neutral position. We all filter it though our particular mind sets. We need the mind to be renewed to begin to filter the word thorough a kingdom/harvest mindset.  I thought the chart on page 22 showing the polarizing positions between the two mindsets one can easily see why healing is difficult for one and not the other.  Page 30-31 there is another quote on this subject speaking of Ephesians 4:17. “That futility of their mind is the Greek mindset, which would have us live according to what we experience with the natural senses rather than live by what we believe in the supernatural realm. “

Only when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something exists in the supernatural realm can we then establish it in the natural realm. pg 37 When we begin to realize that Jesus paid for more than us to be saved and wait around for him to return and wisk us out of here do we begin to live a SOZO kind of life and begin to walk in the supernatural. “Christ is our Healer and the work of healing is already done. The work of healing that He provided two millennia ago is as real and active today as it was then, because Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13: 8) nor will He void His Word to appease any denomination, tradition or unbelief that might try to deny its power.” We have been dealing with “Church” that has opted for religion rather than revelation, to truly see people saved, healed and delivered we must begin to change how we think about healing. We have to realize that it exists for today and that we can all as believers walk in it. We spend a lot of time in the Healing rooms praying for the same folks over and over, most of them are believers but they are hobbled by their own unbelief and mindset and live in bondage to a Greek mindset. 

Understanding God’s Word means embracing it, believing it and acting on it. For God’s Word to be understood, it must be fruitful. For it to be fruitful, it must become active. For it to become active, it must move from heaven to Earth and become evident in our daily lives. Pg 105  Soon after this particular quote Cal talks about the Roadblocks to healing and they all seem to in my opinion stem from a lack of understanding of God’s word. On page 112 Cal lists 8 Roadblocks to Healing as 1. Lack of forgiveness, 2. Lack of knowledge, 3. Sin in our lives, 4. Lack of faith, 5. Improper understanding and use of Communion, 6. Unbelief,  7. Being problem-centered, 8 Justifying our condition rather than claiming our position. 

The Body of Christ must become a Body that goes to church on Sunday looking to establish healing in the Body so that the Body can then establish healing in cities. pg 222
The final chapters of the book talk about Authority, ours as individual believers and the need to restore the five fold ministry. The church at large has embraced the work of Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists which have been able to function to some degree even with in the Religious Greek mindset. When we add back in the Apostle and Prophet which really only function with in a Hebrew, Revelation of the Spiritual Heavenly Realm type of mindset. They got erased because they need the power and revelation of God to operate the other three can limp along in the natural. All five areas of the governmental structure of the Church need to be healed and restored to their proper position and purpose for the “Church” to be truly healed and for her to begin to be the victorious, warrior bride that Jesus desires. 

Thoughtfully explain one main strength (or point of agreement) with the author. 
I found this quote written by Cal over ten years ago.  It say “ If you only teach on healing, it will keep you where you are, dealing with sickness. But if you bring the message of divine health, it will deliver you out of sickness into the miraculous.” page 175  I guess I am surprised and comforted at the same time by the fact that God was talking to Cal about divine health all that time ago and that we are only now seeing it begin to manifest and become a reality in the Healing Rooms Ministry. I guess I am comforted that even for visionary Apostolic leaders like Cal Pierce it can take time to get others to walk in the reality of what God has shown them. Change takes time. It requires us to re-educate and renew how we have understood and looked at the Word of God. I am thankful and privileged to see the unfolding and transformation of this ministry and to know and see Cal and Michele as real people who struggle and overcome just like the rest of us and yet take big bold steps of faith that have and continue to move all of us forward to transform our lives, our churches, our cities and our world. We are all ordinary people, who through partnership with Jesus are enabled to  extraordinary things through the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood and testimony of Jesus.  

Write down some of your favorite sentences in the book.  “We are wallowing in our “problemness” - our negative circumstances - and crying out “oh God,  come and deliver me! But just maybe, God might be saying” I’m not coming into that mess you’ve created! If you want to get delivered, maybe you need to leave the influence of the enemy, come to where I am and get out of all that junk. Deliverance requires us to move out of where we are and into where God is.” pg 167

When we have a vision for a city, we begin to move into our destiny - a destiny of seeing lives transformed. pg 229

The unity effort (particularly in America) has begun to unravel because people don’t want to offend each other, and they tiptoe around theological topics that they need to join together in discussing and seeking out common ground. pg 220

The things of God are in the realm of God, the supernatural realm, to which, by the Holy Spirit in us, we have direct access. pg. 197

We know that God listed the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the order that they are in for a purpose. Love is first. Why? Because you can’t have the next fruit  (joy) without having love first. And you can’t have peace (the third fruit) until you have joy. It’s progressive. pg 148

We have resurrection power to demonstrate to the world who Jesus is , who the father is and what His will is. It must be demonstrated because it’s a truth that requires visualization in order to bring it into the seen realm. pg 107

Remember, the existence of what you don’t see is greater than the existence of what you do see. A miracle is simply a physical encounter with the creative will of God, brougth forth by our unshakable faith in God. pg 99

In what way did this book impact your life as one who transforms cities? How will you be different? It has encouraged in having read the book and gotten to watch Cal in real life to know that he truly lives what he writes. I also was encouraged that it takes time for even kingdom people to get on board and move with the new things God is releasing through the five fold ministry. 

 What challenges(s) have you been given by the Lord to implement some of the strategies in this book?  I have a wellness center that is in me and it feels a long way off at this moment but I have seen God move in amazing ways in the past. So I am asking and looking for the steps of faith that I can take at this point. One after the next and eventually you arrive at your destination. Cal was hearing from God about the idea of teaching a message of divine health 10 years ago and he has stuck with it and it is becoming something the rest of us can begin to see understand and walk in. 

 My Concluding Thoughts

I enjoyed this book and know that I will refer to it often. This report only scratches the surface of the many topics covered. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

SOZO - Saved, Healed, Delivered Book Report

SOZO - Saved, Healed, Delivered  Summary 

Briefly write what the whole book is about and why the author has written it. (Imagine the author will read this and would say, “Yes, this is the main point(s) of my book.)  The authors Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher set out to provide readers with tools and dynamic ways to build stronger connections with God. With these tools one has the ability to break lies, addictions and hinderances that keep one from living an abundant life and fully pursuing ones destiny and calling. This book was filled with stories of people who were transformed through a SOZO experience. It presents many tools and techniques and thought provoking questions that are useful for personal transformation or when ministering to others. 

Briefly outline 4 major points of the book as the author presents them including page numbers.  “ Throughout Scripture, we see each member to the Godhead providing specific needs. Whereas Father God tends to provide protection, provision, and identity, Jesus offers companionship and communication. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit provides comfort and instruction. “ This sentence from page 34 sums up what I felt to be the most insightful message of the book. That our relationships with parents, siblings and friends colors how we understand the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My first three points will be looking at those parallels. My fourth will be to look as some of the tools presented and how they might be useful additions to ones ministry tool belt.                                                                                                        1. Father : From our earthly Fathers we should experience protection, provision and gain a understanding of our identity. Sadly this relationship is often broken in some way and leads to disfunction in how we relate to the Father. It is hard for someone who has been abandoned by their father to see God has being there for them. Those who have been abused often have issues with protection and don't view God as safe. The provision aspect often affects how we feel about finances.  “ A person may have an excellent sense of identity, yet a complete dysfunction in the realm of finances. Someone may believe she is worthy of protection but have no grid for how God see her. Whatever the client needs, the SOZO minister’s duty is to partner with God to bring those needs to him, expose andy wound, dispel demonic attachments, and facilitate an exchange of those lies for God’s truth”. Pg 79  
  2. Son: How we relate to Jesus is often colored by how we were treated by our siblings and friends. “When a friend or sibling hurts our feelings, especially in our formative years, there is a chance that a lie from the enemy can develop. Resolving this issue in a safe environment can remove destructive patterns that seek to interrupt God’s purpose.” Pg47 The Presenting Jesus tool is often helpful for people who have trouble connecting to Jesus. After discovering a lie that has been believed the SOZO ministers would pray with the person to have Jesus show them the truth and to reveal where Jesus was at that point in time. Often they gain a totally new perspective for what happened. Jesus offers communication and companionship if we have been teased or bullied or called names by our friend and siblings we may feel Jesus will also treat us in a similar fashion. “Over and over, we see Jesus heal hurts, remove lies, and exchange those lies for truth. Connecting people to Jesus as friend, companion, and savior opens the way to clearer communication between themselves and God.” pg 53 
3. Holy Spirit:  “We have found that when a mother is absent from hers children’s lives though their early years, either physically or emotionally, they are often confused whether or not they can expect to have their needs met. They can easily transfer these feelings onto their understanding of the Holy Spirit.”pg 90  I had an ah-ha moment in realizing that while I am moved by the Holy Spirit and have no trouble relating to Holy Spirit as teacher,  I have trouble feeling and I have a lot of limiters on emotions. It had not occurred to me prior to reading this book that my relationship with my mother could color my connection with Holy Spirit.  I realized that I needed to forgive my mother for not being one to physically touch or to hold or hug or comfort. She is also a great stuffer of emotions. I needed to forgive and receive the exchange for greater truth, revelation and healing. 
4. Tools: The Father Ladder was the main tool presented in this book. Basically it is a step by step approach to helping people realize  that things they learned and believed as a result of their family and friend relationships effects how they view Father, Son and Holy Spirit. “The first institution God created was the family. This unit represents the function of each member of the Godhead - Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (see Gen. 1:26) When family members fail to fulfill their roles the resulting pain and confusion can easily transfer to our understanding of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.”pg 83  I think the most compelling aspect of the ladder image is of one moving upward spiritually as those relational hinderance lies are broken off a person allowing them to climb to new heights in their relationship with the Godhead. 
Other tools presented were Colored Lenses and Crafty Suggestions which deal with lies that we have grown to believe that have become so much a part of us that we don’t even realize they exist and influence how we behave.  The tool called the Four Doors deals with areas of sin in our lives. The idea is based Ten Steps to Freedom by Pablo Bottari.  “This tool is used to identify strongholds in a person’s life and to bring needed deliverance from demonic bondage. According to Bottari, a person’s physical, spiritual and emotional issues can be traced back to the opening of any one of these four door: fear, hatred/bitterness, sexual sin and the occult.” 

Thoughtfully explain one main strength (or point of agreement) with the author. 
We hear the success stories of people who have been healed or set free in some form or another. Why doesn't everyone get free? What do you do with the difficult hard to deal with folks struggling with unimaginable pain from trauma and abuse. We have become a society even as Christians that want the quick fix pill to make everything better. We want to persist in our lifestyle and often times can’t connect the dots to behaviors and  practices that are undermining our greater desire for wellness. We just want the pain to stop and more often we will settle for simply numbing it or finding ways to distract our selves from the things we don’t want or know how to to deal with. Too many people stop at salvation and never receive the healed and delivered part of the message of Jesus.  I love the that on the back cover where it states  “Salvation is not simply a ticket to Heaven. It is abundant life that begins now… and continues forever.” I see a lot of believers who are just holding on in their personal struggles waiting for the Rapture to wisk them out of it all. They have                                                    developed a ‘Come Lord Jesus because my life really sucks’ kind of mentality and somehow think in a twinkling of the eye God is going to take a bedraggled bride and remove the spots and wrinkles when we are told repeatedly to be over comers. I think we risk becoming like the man in the parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 who did nothing with what he had been given and in the end lost everything. 

 Write down some of your favorite 
sentences in the book. 
“Whether from fear or inconvenience, many Christians fail to pursue a personal relationship with God. Without a passion for and a close companionship with the Godhead, their ability to influence others is decreased. Like the cover lamp in Jesus’s parable, they are unable to function as designed.” Pg 35 

“If you partner with a false truth, chances are you do not even know it exists. Mose lies exist at a subconscious level. It takes God, revelation through the Bible, or a safe individual to point out a lie;s existence.” Pg. 111

“Pastor Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church states that the devil flees difficult battles because he lack the fruits of the Spirit, specifically patience. Therefore, one way of usurping his attacks is to simply with him out” pg 186

“ A stronghold is broken via the process of forgiveness, repentance and renunciation.”  Pg 158 

“To live successfully as a son or daughter of god, we must partner with His victories mindset. To do this, we must equip ourselves as powerful individuals.” Pg 1126

 In what way did this book impact your life as one who transforms cities? How will you be different? It has given me some useful tools such as the Father Ladder, Colored Lenses, Crafty Suggestions, the Four doors, Repentance and Exchange, Shifting Atmospheres.  I will begin to work to use these tools on myself to deal with my own brokenness and will look for opportunities and ways to share them with others. 

 What challenges(s) have you been given by the Lord to implement some of the strategies in this book?  The back cover of the book states that you will receive. “practical tools to deepen your relationship with the Triune God - Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Victory strategies to help you disarm lies, break harmful patterns, achieve spiritual atmospheres, and access the often - un reached realms of abundant life. Keys to experience inner healing by breaking addictions, overcoming obstacles and walking in sustained deliverance. These are all valuable in the work of discipling people. I suppose I am still formulating what my Massage and Wellness practice encompasses.  I my massage practice I see people burdened down by stress and physical pain and often there are deeper issues that could be dealt with. I find myself wondering about scope of practice at this point and if this would cross over into counseling, which is beyond my scope of practice.  Sometimes the hour of quiet time on the massage table is as healing to the mind and spirit as the massage is to the physical body. I believe as I continue through this school that God will help me to understand how this all could become some sort of creative Wellness Center that uses tools like these found in this book along with other coaching tools and the arts to allow people to express and process in a safe environment. I think I might want to make individual worksheets or booklets of some of these ideas because most people don’t have time to read a whole book and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them onward as they journey greater wellness for mind, body, soul and spirit. 

 My Concluding Thoughts

There may have been some spiritual warfare around the reading of this book for me. I had a hard time getting into this book. I found myself irritated by the many references to the Father Ladder prior to its introduction in chapter 5. I was annoyed that I had to wade through four chapters of stories told through dialogue to get to the Father Ladder.  I don’t know if the intent was to build suspense - it really didn’t work for me. Part of it may have been that I had to put Sharon Murphy’s Transforming the Land book aside to read this one. I had been powerfully impacted by the first three chapters of Sharon’s book and then got to experience a Transformation session. Its gentle breakthrough and approach to deliverance left me wanting more. While I am glad to know about SOZO and will keep its tools handy I would have rather spent the time on Transformation which is available for us to be a part of here at the International Healing Rooms.  I am however glad that I pushed through because the book really was full of a lot of helpful tools and the insights.

God's Original and Final Intent part 5

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