Monday, June 3, 2013

Posts You May Have Missed To Enjoy During My June Posting Break

Fun - Me with one of my students doing a Coffee House Performance
I am taking a break from posting during the month of June but I don't want to leave you with out some daily inspiration. The following are some posts you may have missed, they only got a few views. At this point I have written and posted M-F for one month less than 2 years so I am going to take a break.  There are over 500 posts to choose from at this blog. 

I hope if you are encouraged and inspired by them that you will pass them along to your friends. Also if you have not already become a follower of this blog you will find the follow this blog to the right of the blog page. If you are reading from your e-mail click on the post title to go to the actual site. It really encourages me to see your smiling face in that box. 

I'm off to have fun with my family, to re-tool, re-evaluate, re-fresh, re-think and to re-confirm what the Lord wants me to do moving forward. To also re-cieve clarity of vision, mission and purpose. ... I could probably think of more re-sons to re-joice. Have a great June I will be back in July to celebrate our 2nd Blog Birthday. 

~ Margot   

Some posts you may have missed  - there are enough for M-F for the month of June. 


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Habits (oops seems I miss spelled the title originally)

The Noble and the Wretched

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Six Things to Remember as a Believer

Looking for Peace in all the Wrong Places (This one has a list of how each apostle died)


Were You on that Flight?

The Gift Makes A Way ( A look at the poems of Christina Rossetti)

Running and Leaping in the Light

Removing Obstacles and Road Blocks

Two Trees

Tips on Commenting and Sharing (I'd love to hear from you)

The Wells of Salvation ( This one has a video of me singing The Well)


God's Original and Final Intent part 5

This is my final paper for The International Healing Rooms School of Transformation in Spokane Washington. Its is very long paper so I ...