Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips for Commenting and Sharing

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

My son's: Niah looking so cool, Cai ever fun, and Me

 Ok so I need your help. I know there are a fair number of you lurking and some of you who read this pretty faithfully. You've told me in person or on face book and I can look at the stat numbers and see that there are people reading from all over the world.  I do have days that it is really hard for me to write. Days when I feel discouraged and wonder if anything I am saying is connecting with anyone out there. I realize my job on this is to write what the Lord inspires and puts on my heart. What He does with it, and who it happens to touch is His job. He might want to use you to help with that too.

So here are a few little things you might want to know about to help you spread the word when I write something that encourages you or that you think may encourage someone you know.
At the bottom you will see under the post some little box icons.

Tips for Sharing These Posts with your Friends
See the envelope icon  it points you to some ways you can forward a post to others. 

The first option looks like it has a "M"
It opens up a box that lets you put in the address of who you want to e-mail the post to and even allows you to send them a short not to let them why you are sending it to them. 

The next one looks like a "B" and lets you post a copy of this blog page on your own blog. 

The next looks like a "T" and let you post a link to your twitter page. Twitter frustrates me because I can't seem to shorten what I have to say down to so few words.  If it works for you by all means use it to spread the word.

The last one looks like an "F" and is my favorite button. It lets you post a link of the page on your facebook wall. You can also comment to your friends about why you are sharing the link. It is a super easy way to help spread the word about this blog.

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