Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Snow

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Song of Songs 8:14 
Beloved Come away, my lover, 
and be like a gazelle or like a young stag 
on the spice-laden mountains.

There is a beautiful song by Audrey Assad called winter snow. In it she compares how Jesus comes in to  our hearts in a soft gentle way like falling snow.
The bridge of the songs says " Oh no your voice wasn't in a bush burning, No your voice wasn't in the rushing wind. It was still it was small it was hidden."  Here it is (e-mail readers you know the drill by now - if it does not come with your e-mail click the blue title and head back to the Mosaic Devotional to enjoy the video.)

How do I hear the voice of the Lord? I have to make time to be still, I have to be quiet and listen. Its easy to get caught up in day to day life. Laundry and dishes never end at my house. I'm not saying that we must shirk our responsibilities. In the story of Martha and Mary its not that the meal and its preparations were un important. I think there are times that we can get so caught up in trying to impress a guest with our great hospitality that we are too busy to enjoy the guest. 

Anyway I still have company at my house and so I am going to make this one short today. In some ways I am feeling a need of a fresh breath of prayer as I head towards the new year.
We had a prayer gift box to Jesus in our service yesterday where we could write a prayer or something we wanted to do for Jesus in the coming year. So I am thinking about the things I wrote on that little slip of paper. Some of the things I gave to Jesus were my words and my writing and my prayers.
So I find myself wondering where we are going with this blog in the year to come. I don't have any great revelations at this point but I feel a tug to find some time to come away with the Lord to see what He would say.

I have had a lovely Christmas and hope you have as well. 

Dear Lord, I pray for my readers today in the after glow of Christmas. I pray that we would all find some special quiet time to spend with you as we head towards the new year. I pray you would help us to hear your heart and to have a better understanding of your plans and purposes in the year to come. I pray that if there are things we need to finish up before it becomes 2012 that you would help us to do those things. I pray that you would help us to leave behind the chains that have kept us from moving forward with you. I pray you would help us to see those chains and once and for all deal with the things that need to be repented of or forgiven. Help us to see the old dead things for what they are and to leave them behind and more on with you. That we would move into the new year with a clean slate and a renewed sense of vision, purpose and calling. 

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