Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Running and Leaping in the Light

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A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

2 Samuel 22:29-30 NKJ

“For You are my lamp,
The LORD shall enlighten my darkness.
 For by You I can run against a troop; 
By my God 
I can leap over a wall.

There are days that seem dark, when troubles seem to stand as walls of stone to block our way. Days when life seems to be beyond my ability to control. It is on those days I am thankful for the Lord being my lamp. It is on those days that I am thankful for his word that is planted in my heart. The Lord has a wonderful way of shining his light in those dark places. A friend once told me the quickest way past a mountain is through the dark tunnel. It may seem dark and lonely but it is the fastest route to the other side.  I am glad that God knows the best route to take us at various times in our lives.  The rest of this verse is amazing too. Not only does the Lord enlighten my darkness but he gives me the endurance to keep going in the midst of life’s battles. I am able to leap the walls that would block my way. The Lord is able to get us from here to there even when the the place you are trying to reach seems impossible. Or when I feel weak or that I am some how not adequate for the task before me. God is my strength when I am weak. He will walk with me through each days journey.
I like the part about leaping walls and I think of those obstacles that seem to tower in front of us.  This verse reminds me that with Gods help I can leap over those walls much like a runner leaps over hurdles. With God all things are possible.

Things To Ponder
What walls do you want to leap over or have you recently leaped over?
Where is God shining His light in your life that may need cleaned up?
What areas of darkness is He illuminating?
Ask God to forgive and cleanse you.

Tell the demonic troop you have repented and forgiven and they need to get out of the way. Its over and done with they can not hold you captive any longer.  Then run against them and leap the wall and take some new ground in your life for the Lord.

Dear Lord, Thank you for being my lamp and for the light you bring to the dark places in my life. Sometimes troubles seem to advance on me like a great army but you make me able to run against a troupe and to leap walls and obstacles and take new ground for your Kingdom. 
Be with me as I face the day ahead.

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