Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Give Up

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

My Cleaned Up Garage
Yesterday while the kids and I were cleaning the garage we got some very good news. My husband came out all excited because he had gotten a call from his supervisor for work.

We moved to the Spokane area 5 years ago believing that God had called us to move to this area. My husband had been able to transfer with in the company he was working for at the time. We found a large house not far from where he would be working. We prayed together before signing the lease on the house and felt that even though it would be a stretch that God would provide for it and was giving it to us as a gift. In looking back - even when I did not know where the finances were coming from - God always provided. So we made the move and beat the snows - just barely.  With in 2 weeks of moving Spokane got hit with 6 feet of snow and our new home seemed like more of a snow lodge. The kids were thrilled because they had never really had snow to play in.

With in three months of moving here the company that my husband worked for closed its doors and he was out of a job. Thankfully he had un-employment and some how we managed to get buy while he looked for jobs and finished up the on-line classes for his associates degree. We had hoped that finishing his degree would help him to get a better job. After two years of putting out applications and un-employment running out we moved out of the large house to a much smaller house. Only we did not find the new place in time and spent a few months at my moms while we continued to look for a home. (Even that was a miracle story - because my mom and my aunt both had medical issues that required hospitalization and extra care. God made a way for us to be there to help them.) During that time my husband finally got a part time job and has been with that company for the past three years. The hours have been very sporadic from week to week - making budgeting nearly impossible - but God has always supplied and we have learned to consume less. 

On the 15th of this month my job that I have had for 6 years ended. Since I was an independent contractor there are no un-employment benefits to draw upon. I wrote about this in an earlier post.
I got the call from my boss during the first week of August. A few nights prior to that call my husband rolled over in the middle of the night and told me that God was lifting something off of me.
A few days later my boss called to give me notice. I had been praying about no longer doing that job and being able to spend more time on art, writing and teaching music lessons. I had been trying to little by little replace that income with creative income but still had a way to go to accomplish that goal and be able to quit. Some times little birds get pushed out of the nest so they have to learn to fly.

So while I was cleaning the garage yesterday. My husband received a call from his work saying that out of 2000 employees that three had been chosen to move to full time status. He is one of the three. Anyway after nearly 5 years of putting out thousands of applications and lots of people praying - he suddenly has a full time job. -  I don't know why it took so long to get this particular prayer answered. Perhaps the Lord will give me greater insight at some point. What I can say at this point is don't give up because God will often suddenly change things often after a long time of trusting him.

Joseph - suddenly was remembered by the cup bearer for having accurately explained the dreams he an the baker had. After long years in slavery and then more long years in prison he was suddenly raised to a position of 2nd in charge of the super power of that time in history.

David  - after years of living in the wilderness with his band of followers suddenly becomes king of Israel.  Many years before the Prophet Samuel had anointed him as a young man and proclaimed that he would be the next king. 

The Woman who touched the hem of Jesus's garment - suddenly after years of sickness reached out by faith and was healed.

Acts 16:26
Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose

I could probably think of more examples. I say all this to say that sometimes the things we are praying and believing God to supply or even things we believe He has promised to do come after a long time of trusting and hoping and believing. 

That healing you are praying and believing God for  - or that financial miracle, or that job, or that restoration of a relationship  - my appear impossible as if nothing is ever going to change. I would say to you don't give up - you don't know when your suddenly may happen.

I did remember one thing that I did do this month. About a week ago I felt led to support a particular ministry - which at the time with no regular income, seemed a crazy thing to do. I felt the Lord encouraging me to take that step of faith. Was I going to hord every last penny or was I going to trust him to provide. I decided I would take that step of faith and trust him.  Sometimes we do need to take steps of faith along the way. If the Holy Spirit is tugging on your heart to respond in faith, trust and obedience in some way - do it. You may find his response to your obedience and faith to be the suddenly that you have been praying for.  Lets not forget the story of Naman  - who had to dip himself in the dirty river 7 times in obedience to the prophets instruction to receive his healing. He was pretty angry but was persuaded by his servant to go ahead and at least give it a try. The worst that could happen is he'd get wet and need to go take a bath to clean himself.  Six dips and still no change - this seems crazy and stupid but one more dip and suddenly he was healed.  So perhaps it was just coincidence. I'm going to believe it was part of God's leading and that there is a blessing for responding in faith and in obedience to the things the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts to do.

Lord, I know that some reading have been praying and trusting you for something and it has been a long, long time of waiting. I pray that you continue to strengthen them and pour out your grace in this time of waiting for their prayer to be answered. Help them to praise you in the midst of the difficulty they are facing. Lord if there is some step of faith and obedience that they need to take please help them to know what that is and give them the courage to take that step. I pray that suddenly you will come and give them that long desired answer to their prayers. Thank you for building trust, patience, faithfulness, hope, wisdom and many other things in them during this time of waiting. Thank you for those suddenly's that you have in store for each of us.


  1. This is awesome news Margot. I am so happy for all of you. I was reading this and thinking of all the "last minute" blessings God has brought into my life. In our world of "instant gratification" it is so hard sometimes to keep patience and wait for God's timing. We have that mentality sometimes that "I already prayed for that last week" and wonder why God is not more like Santa Claus wrapping up the answer to our prayers and delivering them when WE expect them.

    I was reminded about a friend who prayed for her husband to become Christian. She prayed for 23 years waiting. He came home from work one day and sat down beside her and said "something happened today" and asked her forgiveness for a long ago hurt. Then he explained that day God spoke to him.

    In our world today so often people think God is not answering when in truth it is our own hearts that are not hearing the urging to be faithful in our prayer life.

    As always,


    1. Hi Terri,
      Thanks for another wonderful comment. Those were some great examples and some excellent insights.

      Blessings, Margot

  2. I can understand where you're coming from on this. My unemployment ran out a year and a half ago and prospects look slim for this over sixty guy. I'd moved to California for a company I'd been with some time and after 18 years they closed the doors of my branch. Fortunately my wife has an excellent paying job that is probably pretty secure, but I hope to find something so I can start contributing again.

    Good to hear your encouraging news.

    A Faraway View

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thanks for your comment. I will be praying that you find something thats perfect for you.

      Blessings, Margot


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