Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Always Before Me

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio
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 I will not be shaken...

How do you set the Lord always before you? Some of the things I will do to keep the Lord always before is to place bible verses around where they can speak to me and to others. I've been working on trying to include some sort of scripture print featuring my photos, painting or mosaic work in these post. I hope you will be inspired by them as you read and even perhaps decide to give them as gifts or use them around your own home.  I have at times gone so  far as to write bible verses directly on mirrors or to put post it notes around the house to remind me of a verse that I am standing on.

I keep the Lord ever before me by setting time aside to spend with the Lord in his word and in prayer during which I make sure to listen and not just rattle off a long lists of needs and requests.

When I am feeling shaken and stressed I try to find a quiet moment where I can take some quiet time to re center myself in the Lord. I will speak out loud to myself his word. Faith come from hearing the word I take Romans 10:17 literally. "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." I will ask for his help and approach the Lord with thankfulness and praise. I try to be honest with the Lord - if I'm struggling I ask him to help me. If I have sinned in some way I try to be quick about repenting.

I suppose I keep always before me as I am around others. I am always looking to see the Jesus in people. Where does he shine through in there life. How can I encourage them to trust and follow him more closely.

Because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken. I think over the years I have seen the Lord deliver me and rescue me so many times that I have come to trust that he will take care of me. He tells mighty warriors like Joshua to Fear Not and he tells me the same thing. I do not have to generally work up my faith in a crisis because I am making a point to walk near to the Lord each and every day. I make a point to include him in my triumphs and my tragedies and everything in between. I'm not saying that my faith does not get stretched at times. In those times I remind myself of the many other times that God has helped me. I recall the promises from his word. I look for a verse that is speaking to me in this moment and I begin to stand and act upon it. I speak my faith and pray out loud as a way of reminding my own spirit and the enemy where I am choosing to stand.

I had at one time posted a big angel over my tv with a sign that said " I will put no vile thing before my eyes." I could probably stand to make a new one of those. Its easy to become desensitized and just sit on that couch like a potato soaking in all the garbage. I am far from perfect in this respect. My husband and kids think I'm kind of nuts but I cover my eyes and at times will stop my ears and even walk out of the room. I have such a vivid imagination and gruesome images are hard for me to get out of my head.

Prayer: Lord I thank you that you want to spend time with us. You want to be part of our days and even those troubled nights. You are not waiting for us to get our act together you accept us today right where were are in this moment. Thank you for leading us in your word and by your Holy Spirit. Thank you for inspiration and courage and hope for this day. 

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