Monday, October 29, 2012

The good part of your story

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Heart Landscape
 Today I have enjoyed a quiet and restful day. I slept in and then read a book for a while. Puttered around the house doing some little chores, things that I was happy to do.  I have been trying to be more intentional about taking a Sabbath rest each week. Sunday is probably one of my busier days of the week and Saturday is full of family things so neither day is particularly restful. I believe that the God who created us, probably knows what he's talking about when he tells us to take a day of rest each week. I'm not legalistic about it but it is a way that I can demonstrate that I do trust the Lord. If He says a day of rest is important then I should make a day of rest important and make time for it in my week.

On my day of rest I try to do things that feed my spirit. Those things can be different from week to week. Today I have just enjoyed puttering around.  I've done little bits of this and that but all in an attitude of peace and restfulness. I grouted two projects with the help of my youngest son, Cai. One I have been working on for a friend who will be moving away soon. The other a heart landscape, I started working on about a week ago. I did not know who it might be for or if I would just list and sell it. I think that often the Holy Spirit leads me in my artistic expression. Some people can pray or prophecy on their musical instruments but I find that often I know the Holy Spirit is leading me, even praying through me as I am creating a project.

Today I understood why I was working on this particular project. I got a call today from one of my dearest friends. We've known each other since we were young girls in our early 20's. (That was about 30 years ago). Through the years we've been through a lot of stuff. We lost track of each other for quite a while and thanks to face book found each other in December of last year. Over the course of this past year we have talked on the phone and caught up on each others lives. We've prayed and encouraged each other numerous times. There are some relationships that pick right up as if no time had ever elapsed.   Today she called to tell me that she is getting married. I knew as we talked on the phone that the heart was for her. As I look at it now, I realize some of the random things that I put into it are perfect. I used torn paper from a love song I found in an old music book. She's a music teacher, singer, songwriter. I put a vintage couple from and antique card under the tree all with in a heart made of broken mosaic glass. I am always amazed how God can take terribly broken hearts and put them together in a new and wonderful way. As she has shared their stories in past phone calls I can't help but be thankful to God for his goodness.

Sometimes our lives can feel like we are living the book of Job for a very long time. The pain from the brokenness seems like it will never end. Then suddenly one day something shifts and changes and we just never know when that watershed turning point will be. We had talked not too long ago about how it was not a season to give up but to hold on to trust the Lord even though the road to healing recovery often seems very long.

I don't know where you are today but I want to remind you of the end of the book of Job. After loosing just about everything - in the end God restores and blesses Job far beyond what was lost. Don't give up before you get to the good part of your story.

Dear Lord,
You know the difficulties and struggles we often face. You know where we need to change and grow and exactly how much pressure it will take to move us from here to there. You did not just wind us up and leave us to wander till one day we would be with you in heaven. You are with us each and every step of the way. You began and continue the good work in each of us. Help us to rest in the knowledge that you are able to get us from here to there in our lives. It may look impossible from where we currently stand but none of us knows what we may find around the very next bend in the road. Thank you Lord that you weep with us when we struggle and you rejoice with us in the victories and you know all the in betweens. Thank you for helping us to rest along the way.

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