Monday, October 15, 2012

Harvest Thoughts

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

I took this photos of pumpkins on one of my trips to the grocery store over the weekend. Today I was thinking about what to write about and was inspired by the pumpkin photo and thoughts of the harvest season we are currently in. I am certainly not even remotely agricultural and struggle just to keep house plants from dying. It seems that plants need consistency and I am way too scattered for plants. Thankfully my husband has a green thumb and we do have as a result some lovely plants.   I do understand that it is easy to become weary doing good. Its easy to get burned out and discouraged. It is easy when we are weary to make decisions based on our exhaustion rather than on the truth.

Thankfully the Lord created seasons. There is a time for planning, then planting, then waiting and tending, and finally harvest. There is work to be done in each season but the kind of work changes. If you are trying to harvest in the winter when you should be planning you are going to be messed up. Just about the time we get the hang of one season it comes to its end and we find ourselves in the new season wondering why the thing that used to to work, don't anymore. I think the words "at the proper time" are very important in our verse today.

What season are you currently in in your life. Is it a time of planning or getting more training in your particular field. Or are you in the Spring where you are preparing the ground and planting the seeds? The summer's can be very hot and long sometimes and it is easy to think they will never end. There are times where we feel like we have been waiting far to long for things to turn and change in our life. It is in those times that you don't want to give up on what you have planted. You also may need to take a break or get refreshed in some way. As you move through those times that seem like deserts look for the oasis places that the Lord is providing for you. Harvest is coming. Don't forget how the story of Job ends - and don't give up.

Prayer: Lord I pray that you help us to see from your perspective what season we are in the various areas of our lives. Help us to look to you for wisdom to know what we should be doing as we pass through each one. Help us to stay close to you particularly when we are weary.

A Note Card from todays design. If you would like to see this design on other things let me know.
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Mini Encouragement Card with envelope. This 3.5" x 5" panel card has the image you see on the front and the words "I'm praying for you. Don't give up!" on the back. 

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