Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Reminders of His Love

Sunday was mother's day and as I sat drinking my morning coffee I noticed that inside the cup was a heart followed by an exclamation mark.
Now I'm not really one to go looking for images of Jesus in potato chips so this is out of the ordinary. I was not looking for a "sign from God" it was just there.  I thought it was a pretty cool way for the Lord to say happy mother's day.

It was a little reminder to me that God had his hand on the up coming service. Our pastor and our pastoral intern were out of town which left me to carry on in their absence.  I was to interview a Lindsey Moss about the story of how her mother's faith and prayer made and huge impact on her life. She has a great story by the way. Just so you know I've never done a public interview before. One other little reminder of His love was that through it all I was at total peace and knew the Holy Spirit was there helping me. I had spent the prior week praying and considering what questions I should ask and finding quotes and bible verses that would help tie it all together and help the congregation go from just a nice story to something that would make a difference in their own lives.

Anyway so for a little change of pace I am going to keep this post short and invite you to go listen to that message.  Here's the link.

Lindsey is the baby held by her birth dad

A Current Photo of Lindsey's Mom
Here's the two photos of Lindsey and her family that we showed during the service.
I'm sorry I don't have a current photo of Lindsey to post for you. She looks very much like her beautiful mother in the current photo.

 This is the table I had set up for the interview. The tea set on the table was another little reminder of His love. Earlier in the week I could see in my head a tea set at a lace covered table. I'm not sure why tea sets say mother's day to me. I suppose its a girly kind of thing that you do with your mom. So I thought I would quickly stop in to the thrift shop down the street and see if I could find one. I did and that was a little gift of God's provision for me. I later gave the tea set to my mom, who loved it.
I pray that God will help you to be able to see the little reminders of his love for you through out your day. That you will be aware of his presence in a wonderful and abiding kind of way.


  1. sweet post. Mother's Day makes me grateful and reflective too.

  2. What a wonderful reminder to find in your morning cuppa!

  3. That is a pretty tea set; I can see why your mom would like it. I like when God gives us little reminders throughout the day of his presence and his provision :)

    The service seemed like it was a good one.



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