Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: 
to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29 NIV

This verse makes more sense to me in the Voice version. 

John 6:29(VOICE)
Jesus: 29 If you want to do God’s work, then believe in the One He sent.

Doing God's work is a funny thing. I used to think that one needed to aim to be serving in a local church to do God's work. There is certainly plenty to do in that arena. For most of my christian life I have felt particularly called to work in the local church. I have made involvement in church the center of my life and activities. I am seeing that God's work can be done pretty much any where. Earlier this year I felt like God was beginning to shift me from one arena to another one outside of the church. Please don't think that I am mad or hurt or anything like that. I love my church and continue to be involved in things there.

One only has so much energy to put various places. I can manage to cram an awful lot into my days. The thing is I had to spend time refining what exactly was God calling me to do. There are lots of great things one can be involved in but they are not all necessarily Gods best or His plan for you. 
So while there are a lot of great things happening at my church - I am not necessarily the person called to do them. I am excited to more and more see people stepping up to help do things. I am trying to spend more time doing the things I particularly feel called to do. In my church presently that is facilitating prayer. It includes things like gathering interested folks to help develop and put together the prayer loft filled with hands on things to help people connect to God. The next one will be a 23rd Psalm theme. In addition I am working with interested people to put together a prayer team that comes early to pray for the service and to plan and put on prayer and worship nights. I see my role as being the person who says "thats a great idea, go ahead and run with it". Pretty much encouraging prayer and helping to facilitate it happening in various creative ways. It may still sound like I have a lot on my plate but I am trying to not be the person who makes it all happen but the person who encourages others to stretch and use their gifts. 

My focus at least for this year is learning and studying. I start Massage School on September 11th. I think that out of that training my focus will be in another arena outside of the church. The good news of our verse today. Is that God's work can be done where ever you are and in what ever phase of life you may happen to be in. It can happen if you are rich or if you are poor. If you are old or if you are young. If you are brilliant or just average or even if you have some handicap. 
God's work in our lives starts by believing in Jesus whom he sent. Getting to know him by spending time in His word, and in prayer. Then like Isaiah you my find yourself hearing God say "who shall we send, who shall go for us?" and like Isaiah you my be the person who respond "here am I send me!" My paraphrase if you want it word for word check out Isaiah 6:7-9 

beef broth

My projects the last few days have been puppy sitting for a friend and canning. 
So far we have canned 27 pints beef broth. Today we are doing 30 pints of raw packed hamburger. It has been fun to finally get to do canning with my mom. 
Next week add teacher meetings and school open houses. As well as hair cuts and shopping for school supplies. Right now I need to get out the door and on to a lesson. 
Hope you find something to encourage you in your daily journey in this post. 

Blessings, Margot  

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  1. Hi Margot. I think your church is very blessed to have you. Prayer and encouraging the service of others is so important. All the best in your latest pursuit, Massage School.
    Curious. I have never seen hamburger canned these go in the freezer?


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