Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh The Thoughts In My Head

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

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Psalm 119:105 
Your word is a lamp to my feet 
and a light for my path.

Today I could write 10 devotionals there are so many thoughts running through my head. I don't know if I will be able to capture them all or not. Inspiration is like that for me. I can go through long seasons of dryness and suddenly the rains come. When the rains of inspiration come I am glad that I did not give up and by faith went ahead and plowed my fields and planted my seeds. I am glad that during the dryness I never stopped believing that God would provide in His time. 

I had a wonderful revelation while driving home just now. I was thinking about something that someone said about dreaming about the future. They said if you are going to dream about the future be sure you take Jesus with you. I realized the it is also true that if you are going to traverse the past it is a good idea to take the Lord along with you. On our own we really are not equipped to make sense of either the future or the past without Him. 

Its funny to me how one thought springboards me on to the next. I found myself thinking about what the future might look like. I had this revelation in that moment that it really was not all that different than today. I would still be walking with the Lord, I would still surround myself with people I love and who love me, there would be new challenges, and problems and new victories. I thought in that moment, if the future I am looking for is one with out lifes challenges then what I am looking for is heaven. For the day that those things come to an end is the day that I will stand face to face with the King of Glory and all that is left of my life journey will be to hear him say "Well done".  Even in that I realize the end of one journey is to begin another. It reminds me of the last pages of the Narnia series in a chapter called Farewell to the Shadow-Lands. They find themselves in a Narnia that is more real and more beautiful than the Narnia they had known before. The Faun tells Lucy "The further up and the further in you go, the bigger every thing gets. The inside is larger than the outside. I love the final page that says "And for us this is the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the begining of the real story. All thier life in this world and all thier adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story, which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before."

I think about the journey of the Beloved project. It is done now and it captures a moment in time,  a snap shot of a moment in time. It is a final chapter and beginning of brand new adventure story.
It was a journey to see, to understand, to feel and to know that project. It was a journey with bright spots of inspiration and long hours of laying glass. Its done now, for me it depicts the end of one journey and the beginning of another.  I realize that life is much the same type of journey there are bright spots of great revelation or excitement or wonder and then there are days of walking through deserts and trying to fix problems and put out fires.  There are times when it feels like we have lost our way, and perhaps we have wandered from the path into places that were never intended for us. There are times when I was stuck and had to stop until something changed that allowed me to move along again on that journey. Even the stuck spots are not so bad.  There are times when we need to stop, rest and regroup.

Jesus stands ready to take your hand and to journey with you. Where is he taking you? What will the future hold? I have decided that whatever it is - I will be ok in it.  I am determined to go there with Jesus and I know that He will be with me then as He is now. I think that each day is an opportunity to know Him more. So today I choose to focus on Him and not the obstacles that seem to block my way to someday. I am confident that I will never exhaust the magnitude of His thoughts, or the wonder His creation. There is always a little deeper and a little more of Him to know. The splendor of the King and the lover of my soul, in Him I find a new place of peace today. I realize that there will always be some part of my heart that is in need of repair. Whatever part He happens to be working on will seem like a big deal to me at that time. He will tells me then as he has told me time and again in the past, I'm here with you, you will be ok. I love you just as you are in this moment and I will love you just as you are in the next. The same will be true in the future. It is not my perfection that He desires it is my presence. He simply loves to be with me. Not because I'm so great, but because I am His. I am His Beloved and He is mine. In this moment that is more than enough for me.

Life is about taking the next step to follow Jesus. There will always be something ahead that is around the bend that I just can't see till I get there. In the show Dr. Who where they are traveling back in forth in time. They call those things in the future that we wish we could see "spoilers". It spoils the wonder of that moment if you know how it will work out in advance.  The question to me is will I trust the hand that guides me? Will you?

Dear Lord,
You know the plans you have for us. You can see around the next bend. You are the light that illuminates our darkness and shows the way before us a few steps at a time. Help us each to find a new level of peace in your presence regarding both the future and the past. Help us to not miss this moment in time because we are worring about the future or still somehow chained up in the past. Come be with us in this momement and in the next and the next for however long this life journey may be. Thank you for the people who will grace this day. For words of encouragement and the little bits kindness both given and recieved.  Thank you for your tender mercies and that they are new every morning. Thank you for today and for sharing it with me.

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