Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Changing Colors

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Job 38:14-15 The Message
As the sun brings everything to light,
   brings out all the colors and shapes,
The cover of darkness is snatched from the wicked—
   they're caught in the very act!

So you may notice if you are reading at the Devotional Mosaic site that I changed the colors. They felt good when I first started but lately they have just felt too cutsie. So today I decided they needed a bit of a face lift. I have been thinking a lot about who it is that is reading and what would make them feel comfortable. Well I decided you'd love to meet me in a coffee shop. So cutisie is out and coffee shop is in. So I hope you will join me Monday - Friday or on the weekend to catch up in our little Mosaic Devotional Coffee Shop. If you would invite your friends to come too, I would be delighted.

When God shines his light on us it bring out the colors and the shapes in us. I know over the past months the Lord has been shining his light on some dark and forgotten places in my life.
I think the change of colors is an outward working of an inner change in me.  I think we can get stuck in places in our past and can kind of stop growing in that place. I have had some very stuck places where the little girl and the young woman just could not seem to grow up.  Mostly because I locked them up because I could not deal with the emotions they both felt. I decided it was easier to lock up my heart and ignore it.

In chapter 6 of The Sacred Romance,  John Eldredge writes the following.
"Can it possibly get any more uncertain than this? We so long for life to be better than it is. We wish that beauty and love and adventure would stay and that someone strong and kind would show us how to make the arrows go away. We hope that God will be our hero. Of all the people in the universe, he could stop the arrows and arrange for just a little more blessing in our lives. He can spin the earth, change the weather, topple governments, obliterate armies, and resurrect the dead. Is it too much to ask that he intervene in our story? But he often seems aloof, almost indifferent to our plight, so entirely out of our control. Would it be any worse if there were no God? If he didn't exist, at least we wouldn't get our hopes up. We could settle once and for all that we really are alone in the universe and get on with surviving the best we may.  This is, in fact how many professing Christians end up living: as practical agnostics. Perhaps God will come through, perhaps he won't, so I'll be hanged if I'll live as though he had to come through. I'll hedge my bets and if he does show up,  so much the better. The simple word for this is godlesssness. "

I've been watching past seasons of Lost with my family. In a nut shell a bunch of strangers survive a plane crash and are stuck together on a tropical island. You watch them struggle with deciding if they should keep waiting on the beach for a rescue or find a way to make the best of their situation and get on with life. I think there are times in our life that we can get emotionally stranded on our own island. Our plane that was to take us to our destination crashed in route and we some how survived. Now what do we do? Where is faith? Is it in believing God to come and rescue that old life we had before the crash? Or is faith seeing that it was some how all part of God's larger plan? I still have a long way to go in the Lost story - so I don't know if they get rescued or not. So no spoilers if you know the ending.

It makes me think however of how we can get emotionally stuck at certain points. I am terribly stubborn and can persist and miss the obvious for a very long time. I am starting to realized that there is really no going back to the point of the crash and ever resuming the script of the story, had the crash never happened. Who knows who may cross our path or walk with us again at some point. Those things are left in the hands of God who writes the script. I think faith is believing that those things that happened are within the plan of a sovereign God. He is able to take the things that the enemy of our soul meant for our destruction and turn it to our good. So I am finding that I am able to begin to walk away from those crash sites in my life. From those places were I was emotionally stuck, I am beginning to see my heart able to grow up into Gods plans and purposes for me.  It has taken courage to allow the Lord to shine His light on those places. I am still a work in progress but I am seeing signs of new life and growth in some areas of my life and heart.

Dear Lord,
Take us back to those crash site in our lives. Help us to view it from your vantage point. Help us to see where you were in all of it. Help us to get a better grip on your sovereignty. Help us to grow daily to trust you and your plan. Take those places where our hearts have been stuck and help us to heal in those place and to begin to once again grow and thrive in your plans and purposes. Thank you for your healing and your tender mercies that are new every morning. Shine your light our our lives and help us to see the changing shapes and colors.

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