Monday, August 22, 2011

There Is A River

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There is A River
A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Psalm 46:3-5 (NIRV)
  The waters of the sea may roar and foam.  The mountains may shake when the waters rise. But we will not be afraid.

God’s blessings are like a river. 
They fill the city of God with joy. That city is the holy place where the Most High God lives.
 Because God is there, the city will not fall.
 God will help it at the beginning of the day. 

I rode my bike to the Spokane river the other day. There is a beautiful park where one can get right to the rivers edge. There are places where the river is churning and turbulent, and other places where it is calm and still. Each area has is unique charm and I love taking photos of the beauty I discover.  There are many ways to experience the river, from its bank one can feel the water splash and foam. From above on the bridges one can see how it stretches on and on with graceful turns and falls, I’ve even seen some folks wading along the banks with their dogs. The river has its charm no matter how you choose to experience it.

Today I was thinking more about the land through which the river passes. Over time that land has been changed by the river. The rivier has cut a path through rock and the land. It will flow to its destination no matter what obsicles it may encounter along its path. It will move them or go around them but it will not be stopped. The river was here long before the city rose up around it. It is because of the river that city has grown up in this area. In the pioneer days you needed a good water source for your city to survive. We need a spiritual water source in our lives as well.

Where is the holy place where the Most High God lives? Do you realize because of Jesus, The Most High God makes His home in you. His blessings flow through your life like a mighty river. He is the source of the river that flows through our lives and we have no idea where that river will go and what it will touch and change during its journey to its destination. I love the line that says “Because God is there, the city will not fail.” I don’t have to worry about where the river will flow. I don’t even need to worry about the obsticles the the river will face. I can trust that God is in the midst of my life. He knows the plan and the direction that His blessings will take and how they will flow through my life. It is a comfort to know that because God abides in the city, that the city will not fail. God will be there to help when the mountains shake and the waters rise. It is true of Him in our lives as well. We have no reason to fear. God will help at the beginning of the day. I think he will help throught out the day and the night as well. I do love to spend time with Him in the morning before my family is up and before the day gets crazy busy. I like to spend time with Him at the start of my day because it seems to help set the river of my day flowing on the right course. He is my source and I look to Him to flow through me like a river of blessing and to flow out from my life to the thirsty in a sun scorced land.
Dear Lord,
Help us to see you as the source of the water of life that flows from your presnece into our lives. Help us to carry that water to those who are parced and thursty. Be with us today even when the seas roar and foam and when mountain shake and waters rise. Help us to trust in you and to not be afraid.

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