Friday, August 12, 2011

God Repeats Himself

 God Repeats Himself
A Devotional and Original Song by Margot Cioccio

Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

I always wonder why God felt he had to repeat this message to Joshua. He becomes a great leader and must have at times been afraid and overwhelmed by the responsibility that he inherits from Moses. Lets face it those would be some big sandals for anyone to fill.
It seems by my count that the Lord tell him this at least three times. I personally find this very comforting. If God would patiently repeat himself three times for someone like Joshua he will repeat the things I need to hear too.  God is going to make sure I hear Him when he calls me or speaks to me. Joshua is said to have wholeheartedly followed the Lord. Come to think of it God repeated himself three times to another guy named Samuel who at the time was a young inexperienced boy.
We are not always the quickest to catch on to what God is saying and doing fortunately God speaks again and again in various ways until he get his message through to us. I can rest assured that He is able to make sure I do finally catch on even if it means He must repeat himself.

I have found that sometimes God will bring the same message from unrelated sources.  I was reading a fiction King Arthur book and in the book was mentioned  a woman named Julian of Norwich,  an ancoress.  I had never in my many years as a Christian heard of such a thing. That same week I was reading a book about the love of God and prayer and this same woman is mentioned in that book. At this point I am beginning to catch on that the Lord is trying to get my attention. So I did a little research on the web. Sure enough there was a fair amount of information about her life. She lived in a time where women were not allowed to express themselves in writing. Yet she had such an incredible near death mystic experience where she had amazing visions of the passion of Christ.  During her life she wrote profoundly about this experience. I am always amazed that there are some people who’s lives continue to touch lives after they have depart this life. They have the ability to touch not only their own generation but many that follow. He will never leave or forsake you  and he will get your attention when he needs to. I have included the original song I wrote as a result of being inspired by the life and writings of Julian of Norwich.

Things to Ponder:
Has God told you something more than one time in more than one way?

Dear Lord,  I want my life to count for something not only now but to some how touch others long after I have gone home to be with my Savior. Help me to be so full of your love that I leave a legacy that continues to lead people to you.

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