Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He Is The Path

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He Is The Path
A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Psalms 16:11
You have made known to me 
the path of life; you will fill me 
with joy in your presence, 
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

Maybe it is just me, I know there are some people who have their lives all planned out they knew what they wanted to do back in grade school. I tend to be pretty scattered. I do have goals that I am working on. I like to have a frame work but I like those frameworks to allow for great amounts of creativity with in the predetermined boundaries. I pray and ask God to help me set the structures of my life according to His Word but I believe He allows me room to creatively express my life in Him with in those structures. My structures might look different from yours. There are things that easily trip me up and so in my structures  I may not include all the things you may include in yours. For example while alcohol is not an addictive issue for me and while my structure might allow for drinking in moderation. Yours may not. If however I am sharing the journey with others for whom alcohol is an issue for their sake I should abstain out of love. Love would not want to cause another to be tripped by the freedoms I may have been afforded.

For me that path is simple its just being led by the Holy Spirit day by day. Jesus is the path of life. As I spend time with Him I begin to see his heart and the path becomes very clear.  I seek first His kingdom day by day. He adds to my life the things I need to accomplish His purposes.  I’m not advocating that one be purposeless or vision-less but I do try to lift those ideas to the Lord. I have found it better to be in step with what he’s doing rather than assume He will bless what I’m doing, particularly if I have not kept Him in the center. It is easy to get off on my own path and loose sight of His.  Even when I try to figure or plan it out there are so many unknowns that things rarely go like I might have planned anyway.  I have been amazed at the answers to prayer that have been around the next corner. You never know who you will meet and how they will impact your life.  Or what conversation may be the key to opening a new area of possibility.  I do find joy in the Lords presence and part of that joy is knowing that He is the path. He is the way the truth the life.

Things To Ponder:
Is Jesus the center of your life?

Lord make yourself known to me as the path of life. Help me to follow you. Help me to spend time with you so that I want what you want. I ask for wisdom and vision but most of all I ask that you be in the center of everything I do. Be with me today.

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