Wednesday, September 14, 2011

God is in the Midst of Her

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Colorized Photo by Margot Cioccio
Psalm 46:4-5
There is a river whose streams 
make glad the city of God,
The holy dwelling places of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved;
God will help her when morning dawns.

Even my quiet time was busy today.  I spent much of it worshiping and practicing the song As The Deer on the piano, part of it bike riding and then I have been on the move all day with meetings, running errands, work, parents meetings. It has been a non stop kind of day. As I started out in the morning the words of Psalm 46 came to mind and have steadied me through out the day. "God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved."

In the Psalm it is a river that flows from the presence of God's throne. That river makes glad the dwelling places of God Most High. You and I are dwelling places of the Most High God and the river from this thrown makes us glad. It brings joy, refreshing and cleansing. It flows in, around and through our lives. Much like the rivers of the earth over time the river cuts a path through the land, changing the land it passes through. As God passes through our life the steady stream of his presence also changes and shapes us. The river will not be stopped, it will not be moved.

I could have allowed the business of the day to keep me from the presence of God. That choice confronts us in busy times and in slower seasons of solitude. Will I allow God to be part of my day? or will I try to navigate it on my own terms?

Today I have tried to practice God's presence with in the things I have been doing. I am little by little finding my center of balance with in this season. I've had concerned friends tell me that they think I take on too much. They are probably right, but I don't think the answer is quitting any of the things I am presently involved in. The Bible talks of believers having an abundant life, a full life. I will have to account for how I used the time that God gave me in my life. What did I do with the gifts, talents, abilities and challenges given to me. Did I make time to love and care for those around me?

There are things like learning piano, and writing this devotional, and getting my life coaching certification, my leadership role at my church, homeschooling my kids, that I know that God has called me to do. When I was sick earlier this year I had to scale back to allow myself time to get well. Even with this current busy schedule I need to make time to rest, and to be refreshed in the Lord. Just because something or some season is difficult does not mean that God has not called you to those things or to that season. It is difficult to ballance it all. I am learning more and more with each passing day that God is in the midst of it. I can and will find my ballance. I will not be moved, I stand secure in Him. While I am no less busy than I have been on many other recent days, I am not feeling as overwhelmed or off ballance by all of it. I am finding the rythem of life in this season. This beat that I am currently walking to is not a leasurely steady beat, it at times is wild and whirling. Yet as I am learning to feel the presense of the Lord with in the rythem of this season. I am learning to embrace the dance and I am thankful that God is taking the lead and I am wisked along by the music and by his hand leading me along in the steps of His magnificent dance.

Dear Lord, Help us each find the cadence to the dance of our life in this present season. Take the lead and guide and direct our steps. Draw us near and hold us tight. Wisper in our ear how much you love us and how glad you are to share this dance and this day.

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