Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Are Still Holy

You Are Still Holy
A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

I've been thinking it would be nice to share some of the songs 
that deeply touch my life. I've done a very simple video cover 
recording of You Are Still Holy 
by Rita Springer of Mercy Vineyard. 
I hope you will enjoy it along with today's devotional. 
Blessings, Margot

"Holy, You are still holy 
Even when the darkness surrounds my life
Sovereign, You are still sovereign 

Even when confusion has blinded my eyes

Lord, I don’t deserve Your kind affection
When my unbelief has kept me from Your touch
I want my life to be a pure reflection Of Your love

And so I come into Your chamber 

And I dance at Your feet, Lord
You are my Saviour And I’m at Your mercy
All that has been in my life Up ‘til now, 

belongs to You - You are still holy

Holy, You are still holy 

Even though I don’t understand Your ways
Sovereign, You will be sovereign 

Even when my circumstances don’t change

Lord, I don’t deserve your tender patience 

When my unbelief has kept me from Your truth
I want my life to be a sweet devotion To You"

I awoke this morning with the words of this song running through my mind. We’ve sung it in church in recent weeks.  The line that seems to linger in my head, that I have found running through my mind off and on is the line that says “All that has been in my life up ‘til now, belongs to you”
It has taken it days to surface to my attention. I know there are things that I want to hold on to. Things that I would like retain control and call the shots as to the when and how. Lord help me to release those things into your care. You are my Saviour and I am at Your mercy.

When I went looking for the lyrics to this song this morning I found that it had a 2nd verse. You are still Holy, even when I don’t understand your ways. Even when my circumstances don’t change.
Who am I to say what God is working in me in this season with my present circumstances. I am learning to be thankful for the difficulties, and the delays, they are tools in His hand that shape me.
So I am pondering this song and letting it speak deeply to me.  Yesterday as I was praying the Lord said “ There is yet much in you that needs healed”  I find myself thankful that God can find a use for broken vessels.  That he so tenderly picks up the broken pieces to repair and restore our lives. I am endeavoring to be open and transparent in these devotionals. I don’t generally put in the details of my own circumstances because you have your own details that go with your own life. I also admit that I am not at a place yet to be able to share my details. People look at me and think I am so strong - I suppose in some ways I am but I have to agree with the Lord. There is yet much in me that needs healed and He is still sovereign and He is still Holy.  I suppose it is a process and a journey of dying to myself and learning to be patient to trust and wait for His perfect plan. I’ve included a video I recorded of this song, I hope it will bless you.

Dear Lord,
Thank you that all that has been in my life up til now - belongs to you. Thank you that you know how to heal and that I don’t need to sit here and try to stitch up my own wounds. I surrender myself to your tender care. I know even when what you are doing is painful that you love me and are working for my good.

The Song You Are Still Holy is by Rita Springer of Mercy / Vineyard

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