Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stop Waiting

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Stop Waiting
A Devotional by Mark Kenney

 Acts 22:16 
And now why are you waiting? 
Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.’

The older I get the more convinced I become that the devil is masterful at trickery, manipulation and redirection. Pride makes many in the body feel that they are above the devil's reach in these aspects and areas but humility brings us to the mirror and face to face with the knowledge that we could indeed be tricked into believing things that aren't really of God at all.

I believe waiting is one of these areas the devil has exploited.  Many Christians have embraced this idea of "waiting on the Lord" as a reason or excuse to not make personal decisions. In fact, when God is on you, He is on you so you can take action. Faith is action. The anointing of God is not for the goose bumps, it's to empower you do take action!  Yes, there is a place where we as humans truly do not have a leading in a given area but that is not a time to wait, that is a time to seek and actively seek.Then, once you have an answer of how to proceed, stop waiting! Move ahead and do what it is that God has led you to do.

As one example, the biggest single causes of obesity in the world is not over-eating, it's indecision. People will eat something while in their mind they are still considering if they really should eat it or not. Christians use "waiting on the Lord" to mask their personal fear of taking action. This needs to be repented of in those cases and the confidence of God be allowed to replace the fear that once was.

Suggested prayer
"Father, I know you love me and are sovereign. I know you love me without condition or reservation. Let that Love so touch my heart right now that I never again hide behind me waiting on you and instead I commit afresh to move in your real time of the right here and the right now. Thank you for loving me even if I am wrong in my attempts to discern your timing. I repent of "waiting" and instead now choose to trust you in me enough to confidently move ahead with what you have for me to do".

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