Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Day of Rest

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

Today I had a forced day of rest. I got up this morning with a wicked sore throat and my head throbbing. So I called in sick and went back to bed for a while. I've been among the living most of the afternoon and have kept my mind active so as not to succumb to the poor me and to not just focus on how lousy I feel. 

I have worked on pre posting all my A-Z posts for my Spark My Creativity Blog. It is set up to generally have a weekly creative challenge. During April It will have daily challenges that go with each letter of the alphabet. Here's the link, http://sparkmycreativity.blogspot.com/
You can take part in any past creative challenge on this blog. You just need to let me know the post title of the challenge you want to be included and I will add your submissions when I receive them. You can send your submissions to spark_my_creativity@yahoo.com

I'd love it if some of you creative folks wanted to participate by sending me jpegs of your creativity. 

This week the challenge to depict "Wind" in some way It might be a photograph, a craft project, a recipe, a poem, could be musical. If you would like to submit your idea you can send me jpegs or links, or your pinterest embed code and a brief description of your creative idea. My hope would be that we all stir up creativity in each other.

John 3:8  (NKJV)
The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Items for the Transformations Prayer Loft
When I was at the story trying to pick the materials and items for the Transformations prayer loft I was letting the Holy Spirit lead me. I would pick up an item and hold it while I walked around the store. Some things felt right and I kept them in my basket and others things did not so I put them back. I had the hardest time with the colors. I started by taking a couple of bolts of bright jewel toned colors. I put them in my basket. As I picked up things -none of it felt quite right. I took those colors back and almost decided to come back another day. 
I saw some colors that I liked and and walked around with them for a bit. The things I picked up from that point felt right so I kept them. Very soon I had everything on my list. I have learned to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit even in my art work. I was not even really aware that I was being led that way until I picked up an old set of keys and realized that I was sort of spiritually feeling them to see if I should keep them or not. Did they fit my theme was part of it but in the end it was that I felt at peace as I held them. 
Natalie working on the butterflies
I think the more you have practiced following the leading of the Holy Spirit the more it becomes almost second nature and you find yourself being led even when you were not trying to.  Once we learned to walk we really don't give it much thought unless we stub our toe or break a leg. Most of the time we just walk because we have become so practiced at it.

On my art projects and prayer loft instillations I start with an idea. Its more of a mental sketch that takes shape with each step of faith and decision that I commit to make along the way. 

It is interesting this time working with a number of other artists for this prayer loft. I set them in motion but I have to trust that the Holy Spirit will lead them as well. There is something very powerful about a collective work. It becomes so much more than any one part could ever accomplish. 

Today I needed to take the day to rest and get well. I have to trust that these things getting done are not all about me doing and doing. I have to trust the Lord to lead me, and inspire me along the way. I do try to make the most of my time. Today sitting on the couch was a good opportunity to work on the A-Z posts that were on my list of things to do. 
I will probably continue writing this one daily but I've managed to get a few of them written ahead of time. 

We can be driven or we can be led by the Holy Spirit. When we are driven it is generally not from a place of rest and peace but more often guilt and shame or a feeling that we must accomplish things to be good enough or to be accepted. The Holy Spirit leads us through peace and a place of rest and trust. It is in that rest, peace and trust that we are more tuned to hear the direction of the Holy Spirit. When we are anxious or harried we usually can't hear much beyond our own fears and worries. 

Dear Lord help each of us to be more in tune with the leading of your Holy Spirit. Help us to let go of the anxiety and decide to trust you with every part of our day and every area of our life. 

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